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Victoriam. Victoria City. Upsky. The City Beyond the Clouds. All names for the once-glorious city that floats above the Atlantic Ocean, the crowning jewel of the British Empire.
Built on a small island off of New England, Victoriam was designed to show that the Empire has dominance over not only the earth, but the sky above it as well. It stays aloft by massive engines powered by the element Erythrine, constructed by a team of skilled engineers. Since it was built, it has remained a home for many and a paradise for many others. `But that all changed when the city was cut off from the rest of the Empire. The surface world, devastated by an outbreak of plague, sent one final message to the then-governor of Victoriam, "Burn the airships, destroy the docks. Do not let anyone in. Victoriam shall endure forever." And with that the inhabitants of Victoriam heard no more about the surface world. Families were separated, trade was ground to a halt, and the City Council was left to rule over the city with no real ruler. But despite this, the city carried on, living life above the clouds, unknowing of the state of the world beneath them...