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Mana Crystals

Mana crystals are the naturally occuring forms of condensed and solidified mana.   Mana crystals come in a variety of colors and elements, believed to be caused by the environment in which they develop.


Material Characteristics

Mana crystals are glass-like stones. Usable crystals are transparent to lightly-translucent with many noting a 'shimmering' quality in regards to the light seen shining through the stone.   The color of a crystal is tied to the elemental magic it holds. Fire crystals are red/red-orange. Frost is light blue. Lightning is bright yellow.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Even when inactive, people who have handled mana crystals directly have noted slight effects relating to their respective elements. Fire crystals are warm to the touch while frost crystals feel chilled and lightning stones seemingly induce a harmless tingling in the fingertips.   These phenomina are, while observable, harmless in isolation. They can, however, become problematic or even dangerous in what's known as elemental interference.   Elemental interference is how the elemental mana produced by the crystals interacts with other dissimilar stones. A common set of examples is placing a fire and lightning crystal near each other. The lightning crystal seemingly causes the fire stone to increase its output to the point of combustion. Inversely, a fire and frost crystal will simply cancel each other out and leave the two inert after a time.

Geology & Geography

The element that a mana crystal is imbued with is seemingly determined by the environment that they develop in.   Fire crystals are commonly found in areas of high heat such as deserts, volcanic soil, and the like.   Sky crystals are typically found in more mountainous areas, presumably because of higher probabilities with strong winds and lightning strikes.   Some have theorized that locations with large enough deposits of certain types of crystals may in turn be influncing their environments, thus creating a self-feeding cycle of conditions.    For example, a mountain that is subjected to heavy seasonal snow and storms would theoretically house deposits of frost and sky crystals. Now, if those deposits were close enough together to start causing elemental interference, the climate around the mountain could lower due and create an even more ideal location for the crystals to grow.

Life & Expiration

A crystal can become inhert if the mana within it were to become expended. While an exact metric is difficult to calculate as factors such as a crystal's size and quality seem to play a part as well as the frequency and intensity of use.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Mana crystals most find use either in an enchanted tool or a mage's talismen.   In scholarly settings, mana crystals are oftern used as a means to simulate how certain spells might interact with each other.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Given the reglations placed on the crystals, possession of one or, in the case of enchanted tools, items containing them is often treated as a sign of wealth or status.   Nobility will often have crystals corresponding to the elements associated with their families fitted into jewelry even if the wearer isn't a mage. It is also common for mages from afluent backgrounds graduating from their training to be gifted similar pieces to mark their success.

Manufacturing & Products

Enchanted tools harness the mana inside a crystal to generate a specific effect. More complex items use multiple crystals and makes use of the effects of elemental interference.   A mage's talismen is functions as a focus for magical users who wish to access the crystal's element. This is often used as a means for mages in training to gain a feel for their magic, though it's not uncommon for professional mages to wield talismens to help bolster their abilities either by enhancing their main element or shoring up their secondary ones.


Handling and crafting with mana crystals is not without risks and demands one's close attention to safety.   Events such as run away elemental interference or even just accidental activation of crystals have lead to injury or even death to those unfortunate or simply unwise.


Trade & Market

Mana crystals and most enchanted tools are typically found in high-end markets where buyers able to afford such items are more common.


Crystals are stored in small, easy to manage and move containers with different elements being kept seperate from each other in to prevent potential elemental interference.   While larger amounts are normally dangerous as crystals used for sale or production are screen for quality during the mining process and most stores are therefore stable. However, stones of poor quality and stability have slipped through the pocess in the past and have caused chain reactions when mishandled while in a larger store of other crystals.

Law & Regulation

In addition to the practices surrounding how crystals are stored, the trade of stones is highly regulated, requiring considerable documentation before someone can buy or sell them legally. This is especially true for mrchants selling crystals across regional borders where such trade is subjected to even closer scrutiny.   Needless to say, these regulations and the hoops craftsmen, merchants, and even some buyers alike have to jump through are a major contributor to the prices associated with goods involving mana crystals.
Varies depending on element (i.e. fire crystals are red, frost crystals are blue, etc.)
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