30 Planting, 498 T.A.

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The northern continent, Ellebore, is a rich land of fields, forests, and mountains. Shaped by conflicts in the forgotten past, they are still dealing with the consequences today. After the last great war the magic fields have been too disrupted for magic to function and it is only within the last 50 years or so that things have begun working again. This upswelling of magic promises great things, but what other long forgotten pieces of that history are waiting to reappear as well.
  Mostly at peace within the “civilized lands,” much of Ellebore can still be dangerous. Change-Beasts and other monsters roam the wilderness....not to mention bandits and cutpurses. Transport is limited to wagon, ship, or feet.
  The southern continent, Umberfell, on the other hand is a land of mystery and danger. In local custom the continent was formed when the gods slew a dragon, forming its body into the rock and soil. Hence the names of the more prominent landmarks, such as the The Spine and The Teeth mountain ranges.
  This land too wears the scars of history. Most of the eastern half is the desolate wasteland known as the Muspait Desert. Once the home of the first elven civilization it was destroyed during the Rage of the Djinn. Sometimes, the sands shift and reveal ancient ruins, a truly tempting prospect...but few who venture onto those sands return.
  The year is 498 of the Third Age. Change is coming to Vestra, heralded by the return of the comet Veha’carro. Few are aware of this fact however and even those who are do not truly grasp the nature of what is to come. Ancient enemies stir and darkness is on the rise...will someone notice in time and be able to stop it?