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The center nation of the Eastern Triangle, Xandulor was once a great empire that spanned over Lonsa and Vaash.   Xandular's empire was brief and was about three thousand years ago; it swiftly fell after only 53 years. The reason for this quick rise and fall of the Xandular Empire was mostly due to the quick conquest of a military commander Xan, whose empire he created as he conquered the small states and tribes across Eastern Seraht. The land still bears his name, which he gave to his empire once he had subjugated the Eastern lands. However, after 53 years he died, leaving no successor and the empire quickly fell into disarray and revolt.   In recent times Xandulor has been a very sleepy nation, so much so that they did not repel Thuon Khor during its expansion wars, at least not in any significant number. Most Xandulorans are farmers and cultivators of rare pigments and herbs that only grow within the region. As it sits between Lonsa and Tinnet, Xandulor is also home to a major trade route that traverses the Eastern Lands, creating a significant number of merchants who traverse all throughout Seraht.   The capital of Xandulor is Dawnis, the seat of the ancient empire. It is the only real major settlement in Xandulor and where the current king reigns from. The line of monarchs claims a direct lineage with Xan, however as the emperor himself lived so long ago and the monarchs have all been halflings, it is hard to trace such a lineage back.   The current king of Xandulor is King Xuros, an aging halfling who has largely retreated from public life. Although he is not particularly loyal to Numia and the Empire, Xuros is seen as being no threat to Thuon Khor due to his inability to stir his public. Xuros has largely been seen as an ineffective leader and a poor king, with his people instead clamoring to the Thuonin royalty rather than their own.

King Xuros
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Parent Organization
Thuon Khor

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