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26th day of Jond, year 36, 5th Age

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The fog has lifted and a New World has been found.   Shortly after the discovery of gunpowder and curious brave souls decided to use the large seafaring vessels of war for exploration, a new land was found far to the south of the two continents that was the known world.   Surrounded by a staggering number of islands in a circular archipelago, the new continent, Hadrashar, has been found to be a trove of treasures, but it is a wild and untamed land. The inhabitants are nomads with a claim on the land as a whole, even if their feet do not currently stand on every place. The monsters are strange and unknown to the old world. Aberrations, giant worms and the guardians of a dead empire are scattered across the blazing sands.   However, if you can face down the evils that infest the Nujah Desert you might just find one of the most precious materials, deep veins of residuum. This crystalline magic is used by spellcasters to produce incredible effects and it is extremely valuable, and only found here in the New World. Or, if you prefer, delve into the ancient ruins of a fallen civilization and discover the treasures within, untold riches and magical artifacts waiting to be found and used.   This new land is yearning to be explored. Exploit all it has to offer. Interact with the fledgling colonies and/or the secretive nomads. Destroy the abominations that dwell within the desert. This is your land. Your destiny is yours, not some King's.