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Animated stein cake

Animated stein cakes are talking cakes used during the main event in the local festival of All-Yield, held every year in Kop'Tur.  

Talking cakes

The stein cakes are animated by magic to talk when the lid of the stein is removed. They will sing simple songs related to the All-Yield festival or encourage the eater to eat it all. The cakes can also comment on the local weather or play simple games with kids. The voices of the cakes are generally copied from the mages or other important towns people, but creative mages tend to make all kinds of weird voices. This makes it that the festival is generally a very loud occasion.  

Main event

The main event of the All-Yield festival is completely around the idea of talking cakes. A couple of days the festival people can register themselves for an eating contest. Then specially made one liter stein cakes are brought before the contestants. The participants are required to eat them as quickly as possible whilst the cakes encourage their participant or try to distract other contestants, whilst trying to scream over the other cakes. The magic used in these cakes is stronger, making the voices be more potent and louder so the audience can listen to what the cakes say. Different mages often try to surpass each other with better and better animated cakes.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Base Price
1 gp per cake, including the commemorative stein

Interesting collaboration

A couple of days before the festival of All-Yield is held, the villagers can each bring one stein to the bakery for the preparations that need to be made. Then the local bakers and mages get together to prepare the stein cakes, they will ensure every delivered stein gets one cake. The bakers will also prepare some extra steins that can be bought during the festival itself by visitors or at the end by townspeople. After baking, the mages will animate all stein cakes to make sure they talk during the festival.

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Cover image: by Marek Piwnicky via Unsplash


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11 Jan, 2022 07:02

Ew. Are these cakes sentient? Are there other eaten things that talk to you? I like this in a very horrified way x) Quite original :3

11 Jan, 2022 16:55

Thanks for the comment! Uh, they have limited sentience, but fully magically created so they won't feel any pain if you eat them. I'm not sure if there are other things, there might be? These are definitely not the kind of things to think to deeply about to not get creeped out :p.

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