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This is the one thing the small village of Kop'Tur is known for. Once a year, after the last harvest, their local harvest festival will occur. This is one of weirdest festivals in the Ke'Galan Magocracy and it always gathers a lot of visitors from around the country.  

Interesting itinerary

The day begins with everyone gathering around the main square, walking past the stands setup by the bakery to gather their Animated stein cake. After everyone has gathered, stein cake in hand, the main festivities will begin with a speech, telling about the tradition and the reason for celebration. This speech also thanks the farmers who worked hard on the harvest that year. After the speech the speaker will count down before everyone opens their stein at the same time, causing a lot of noise at once.   The rest of the day is filled with eating cake and walking around the festival. Various local businesses and traveling merchants have set up stalls and games for the crowd to enjoy. At high sun it's time for the main event, which is the one liter animated stein cake eating contest. This always gathers a large crowd as it's both to see who wins the contest that year, but also to listen to the trash talk the various mages have put into the one liter stein cakes. Each participant will get the special yearly one liter stein, whilst the winner gets to decide the flavor for next years stein cakes.   After the eating contest people have some more time to enjoy the other festivities before the communal roast begins, just after sun down. This communal meal is seen as the end of All-Yield and often ends in a big town wide get-together where the alcoholic drinks flow freely.  

Noisy occasion

Due to the nature of animated stein cakes, All-Yield is a very noisy festival, especially in the beginning. The more cakes are eaten, the softer the overall noise gets as the spells end. This amount of noise makes that small children often stay home until after the eating contest and enjoy the games later in the day. It is also not uncommon for people to wear colorful earmuffs to muffle some of the sound that is constantly erupting in the streets.
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Historic influence

All-Yield is originally the festival that celebrates a good harvest. Whilst this is still the meaning of All-Yield, the focus has slowly shifted to more of a celebration after a lot of hard work during harvest. Historically speaking, in years of bad harvest All-Yield would be a festival of mourning instead of joy, but with the magical involvement in agriculture bad harvests rarely happen, resulting in the change of meaning behind the festival.

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