Veska (Scrapbook)

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Veska is a dark fantasy world set within a time period reminiscent to the 1800s. The world itself follows your standard sword and sorcery formula but adds gunpowder weapons as a common occurrence within the setting. Furthermore, technology is heavily advanced through the growth of magic, along with the usage of steam. While electricity has yet to be properly invented, Steam is still capable of being harnessed as a power source for various purposes.   In short; Veska follows Gothic and Victorian themes and takes place on a world that primarily consists of a wide, open ocean beset by several islands dotting the planet. These islands are heavily divided into multiple little nations. One island, is generally one country. The end goal of the world's feel is to display both realism and fantasy, molding them together as one. The world is dark, gritty, and full of twists and turns that will no doubt provide danger and despair to those who lack the will to overcome it. To those who have the strength, however, they will find that hardship will allow them to overcome most obstacles.   In terms of conflict there are many things to note, but none so profound as the 'Blood Curse' that plagues the world. The history of this disease is unknown, but first began some forty years before the start of the setting. The disease, true to its name, infects the blood of those who are afflicted, and is not too dissimilar from lycanthropy and vampirism. Once infected, it slowly drives victims mad, until they're overcome with bloodlust. The more blood they spell, the stronger they become, perpetuating them to grow into maddened, powerful monstrosities as they quite literally fuel their power off their murdered victims.   Even worse, the disease spreads through blood. Those few that survive an attack from these monsters are frequently infected themselves...but fret not, for there's a guild of fighters, known as 'Hunters'.   The Hunters are just that. They hunt down the monsters created by this curse.     Aside from all of the above, this world is humongous and there's quite a lot of open space to explore. Thank you if you took the time to read this, I am open to all criticism!