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On all four continents, there are those who never seem to get a break. Arcane monsters and forgotten spells flock to them, forcing them to live a life of adventure and risk whether they want to or not. This condition is The Inexplicable Concentration of Excessive Magical Items and Creatures, and is colloquially known as Magic-Bait.    The opinion around Magic-Bait is...mixed. Many prominent heroes and adventurers have experienced Magic-Bait, and writers often write their main characters with Magic-Bait to give an excuse for all sorts of crazy and terrifying experiences. This has led to the overall public viewing Magic-Bait as a kind of indicator towards adventure.    On the other hand, the majority of people who actually possess Magic-Bait view it as a curse. All they want to do is live a normal life, and that goal is rather hindered by a variety of fearsome monsters, travelling wizards, and glowing wish-granting unicorns. To be sure, it has some advantages, but it is fundamentally an inconvenience. In addition, most people who know someone has Magic-Bait assume they must be some sort of adventurer, prompted by the societal image of Magic-Bait as a whole.    It is unknown how Magic-Bait spreads, but it is theorized that excessive exposure to magical material while developing could lead to its formation. It does not seem to be related to genetics or transmissible like common diseases.    The government of Autumnal recently released a statement, applauding the resilience of people with Magic-Bait and encouraging them to keep protecting the continent from hostile magic, whether through adventuring or through daily life. This was viewed by some as long-overdue thanks, and by others as hollow words with no substance behind them.    All in all, Magic-Bait is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Some hope to have it, and some hope to avoid it.


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