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Spezielle Forschungsabteilung

The Spezielle Forschungsabteilung (SFA) Is the Tannenholtzen Special Research Division. It is the counterpart to the Merlin Project. It is headed up by Dr. Tanja Pelnar, the most brilliant mind in the Tannenholtz Empire. She currently holds six doctorates in genetics, physics, occult studies, biology, archeology and history. She was appointed by Richard Klinger in 1918 FD. Since then she has dedicated herself to understanding the Shade, Sky Crystals, and Korvonium.

Public Agenda

The SFA to the public is a scientific research organisation looking into ways to use the Sky-Crystals, Korvonium, and Shade Energy to better civilisation, but the higher ups in the Tannenholtz Government know that the SFA researches these things to create more and more powerful weapons.


The SFA has the full backing of the Tannenholtz Military and Government.

Wissen ist Macht!

Founding Date
Educational, Scientific Institute
Alternative Names
Parent Organization
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