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SonderRüstung 200 (Sd.Rtg 200) "Beowulf"

The SonderRüstung 200 (Sd.Rtg 200) "Beowulf" was the first of Tannenholtz's medium mechanised powered armour. It expanded the crew from the two man crew of the Ulfbrand to a four man crew. The Beowulf was the first to make the transition from the bi-pedal design to a quadruped design. This allowed for a larger crew compartment and better stability while traversing uneven ground and under fire. The design also incorporated a turret similar to a tank's

Power Generation

v12 Himmelskristall Motor


Hydraulic legs

Weapons & Armament

The Beowulf Ausf 1 carried a 37mm howitzer in the turret. It had three MG24s with one being in the turret and the other two being mounted in a twin ballmount at the front of the vehicle to protect against infantry assaults.

Armor and defense

The Beowulf had 30mm of armour on all sides.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Beowulf was outfitted with a short and long range transistor Radio, equipped with throat mics for the pilot. The Throat Microphone was far superior to the Allied headsets, which aided the pilots in communication in noisy combat zones.
Owning Organization
2.9 metres
5 metres
4 metres
12 mph

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