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Guard Uniforms of Enchicasther

There are two types of guards that live and work in the city of Enchicasther. Most prevalent are the King's Watchers, seen patrolling the streets and called to break up any fights or disturbances. Separate from them are the private guards of the Bundell family.   The King's Watchers wear their standard red cloak - their most identifying feature - just like other King's Watchers throughout the Kingdom of Dennodall. Their half plate, emblazoned with the Dennodall symbol over the breasts, is supplied by the crown, and they draw their pay from national coffers. Small amounts of customization are allowed, and each soldier is required to manage the upkeep of their own armor, as well as their arms. Standard weapon for a member of the King's Watchers is a cross-hilt longsword, but if an individual shows prowess with another arm, they may be permitted to utilize that instead. All King's Watchers wear an open-faced helm (much like an Italian Barbute) unless horns, ridges, or other body parts make it unwearable.   The private guards of the Bundell Keep have a long history - their order existed before the War of Expansion in which the Kingdom of Dennodall annexed the then city-state of Enchicasther. Their order had maintained guard over the Bundell Keep the entire time, and no Bundell has been slain within the walls of Enchicasther since their formation. These guards wear a cloak of green and blue - the colors of House Bundell - and a helm that fully covers the face (much like a hoplite helmet). If a person wishes to join the Bundell Keep guard and possesses horns or other body parts that would preclude the wearing of such a helmet, they must be willing to file them down. They wear full plate (excluding archers, who wear half-plate) and all carry a single-edged curved sword with a hilt that mimics the bundle crest of a ship's mast (similar to a cutlass). None of the armor of the guards of the Bundell Keep carries ornamentation, and customization is not permitted. Part of the intent is that, when donned, no individual can be recognized, both to protect the individual, as well as to ensure that all guards remember that their greatest priority is the defense of the Bundell family. There are 50 sets of standard armor, and 50 sets of archer armor, always kept within the walls of the Bundell Keep - excluding excursions to provide a security detail. They are fastidiously maintained, and if a member of the guard falls, is discharged from service, or retires, that armor stays, to be filled by another. All armor carries a minor enchantment to fit the wearer, thus, the same armor can be passed from wearer to wearer.   As gunpowder is in its infancy, and thus far exclusively used at sea, no drastic advancements have recently been made to weapons of war, and as such, there have been no changes in the methods of armor in recent times.
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Clothing / Accessory
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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
12 May, 2021 17:31

Nice article :D   Can the king's watchers have any kind of armour, of any colours?   I like the details about the armours for the Bundell Keep guards :D And people with horns being forced to fill them down. Do a lot of them accept to do that or do they avoid the job because of that? How is filling down horns viewed by the rest of society? Because that sounds like permanent mutilation, right? Unless they can grow back?

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13 May, 2021 12:30

Interesting read. Its quite nice how their are two different kinds of armor used in the city and the history how this came to be. My suggestion to improve the layout would be to make place a header for each armor type :)

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27 May, 2021 23:47

Cool article! I enjoyed that the armor of the King’s Watchers is customizable, even if it is not in any major way. Even small customization allows for more variation, so that’s always good. And then, funnily enough, there is the further variation with the fact that the guards of Bundell Keep cannot customize their armor. Overall, very nice armor with good range to keep it similar yet still different.

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31 May, 2021 18:16

Other than the cape, are there any other signifying marks. Does the cape have a symbol or emblem on it? Does this cloak come with history like, does the cloak first appear in the battle of such and such when villainman was killed by red cloak. These are all little history bits that you can sprinkle. Overall, I love the work and the article. It's great!

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