Lydia Katz


"I don't care if people think I'm a villain. I'm here to do the paperwork and make sure everything is running smoothly. If they weren't so insistent on being the wrench in the works, perhaps they would see me in a better light."   
Lydia Katz, city hall employee 

Physical Description

Body Features

Lydia is tall and slender, looking more like an elf (minus the ears) than a human for some people. She has long black hair that reaches her mid-back,

Facial Features

Hazel eyes, a small brown mole on one cheek

Physical quirks

She has a habit of

Special abilities

Lydia is, as far as anyone can tell, completely human and without magical abilities. However, others have called her organization a type of magic and wonder if she has any connection to household deity. (She doesn't, but she likes the idea that the connection is there.)

Apparel & Accessories

Most of her bottoms are skirts, though there are a few times when she'll wear jeans (though that's mostly when doing volunteer work in either the rescue center or volunteering at a community event.    She tends not to wear jewelry around her fingers or wrists, but will wear circlets (adding to the "elf" look she has) and earrings (usually ones with links to a cuff on the end).

Specialized Equipment

In her messenger bag she always carried paper, pen, and several pieces of stationery such as scissors, tape, liquid eraser, rubber erasers, a stapler, and other such items. She also carries with her a notary stamp in case it's needed, she has a backup battery for her cell phone, wires for more than one device, tissues, wet wipes, and anything she can think of. (Amusingly enough, most of her purse is this since she signed up to have her cards and ID as part of her body.)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lydia is one of those people that's always organized, and enjoys helping others organize their spaces. Due to this, she was encouraged to go into a field where a lot of paperwork was needed and someone competent, with a strong sense of morals, and the determination to help.    After working for a while at a pet rescue center, she resigned from that job when she was told there was an opening at city hall, specifically one dealing with the identities and paperwork of people with powers.    The rest, is as they say, history.


Lydia graduated Sea Crest High School with a 3.8 GPA (organized doesn't mean good at classes), and with at least 1,000 hours of stenography study on the side (she was told about the course by the school counselor).    After graduating high school, she decided that university was not for her and picked up a job with the rescue center. In her off time, she took in person and online courses on management, organization, leadership, and how to negotiate. These skills, she believes, will best suit her in life.


Lydia currently works at city hall, where she is the liaison between office, city, and the powered people who need to fill out paperwork for their projects. There are those who say (after they see her face down an angry hero or villain) that she doesn't get paid enough, and there are others who say she's such a nagging b*tch she doesn't deserve to be paid at all (those are a minority of people who have all at some point crossed sword with her and lived to regret it).

Accomplishments & Achievements

Many of the achievements that Lydia talks about are the ones that she can show certificates for: good grades, schooling on subjects, courses, etc. However, some of her most daring accomplishments are the very ones she can't talk about due to the confidentially clauses she has with the heroes and villains she works with.

Failures & Embarrassments

According to Lydia, she may have some failures, but those are also learning points, so they are not the road blocks that many others think of, but good points for her to stop, collect herself from, and rebound. (Yes, she does have times when she was embarrassed, and when the failure was big, but she tries not to dwell on those.)

Morality & Philosophy

To Lydia, a promise is a promise, and she will keep hers long after another person would have given up. Her personal philosophy is that being kind and helping is the right thing to do, and if she sees another person doing less than that, her respect for them plummets. Amusingly, both villain and heroes going through her at city hall have picked up on this and been on their best behavior in years (her predecessor played favorites, and was very open about that).


Breaking a promise is taboo to her, and that means she ends up keeping promises far longer than needed or than the original person meant. Even though she can be trapped in a bit of a sticky mess due to not wanting to break a promise. She can also be a bit of a stickler when it comes to rules, as breaking them is also taboo for her. (When others have pointed out that rules are made to be broken, she pulls out a list of rules and asks which one should be broken, wearing a seatbelt in the car, driving under the speed limit, or stealing money).


Social Aptitude

Lydia has the confidence to work in her position, but she doesn't really have the charisma or the etiquette (according to some). She's brusque and straight to the point, without charm during many occasions when it might have been better to have some.


Lydia doesn't do the "How are you? I'm fine." greeting that many people in the city use. Instead, she's borrowed phrases that she thinks fits the situation better and if anyone asks how she is she's genuinely tell them.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Ice Bitch and Bulldog   "The Ice Bitch at City Hall" is one of her most commonly muttered titles, usually by heroes. The ones who don't understand the need for villains usually are the same ones uttering this "nickname" and at several of the bars in town there have been more than one raised glass to "casting that bulldog out of the office." (Spoiler alert: she'll leave when she's ready, and she ain't ready.)
Lydia is demisexual. She is open to the idea of sex, but it would have to be with someone she knows, trusts, and has built up a relationship with.
Gender Identity
Lydia uses she/her pronouns, but will also accept any other pronouns used. She normally presents herself with very feminine clothing; ruffled/lacey blouses, skirts, ribbons woven into her hair, etc.
Known Languages
Lydia speaks English, but picks up small phrases from the other areas she frequents in the city. As she likes to phrase it, she can at least be polite in other languages, if not eloquent.


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