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Crimson Cloaks

Crimson Cloaks are a mercenary group operating in almost every country in the world and specializing in assassinations and kidnappings. Their name comes from the colour of the cloaks members wear. Though most of the Crimson Cloaks are non-magical, they are considered equal or even better than the Weavers, mages who manipulate the Threads of Magic.

We pray to the Dark God and ask for his blessing in all our tasks! We offer this sacrifice of blood as a thank you!
— Crimson Cloak Priest

Crimson Cloaks worship the Dark God. It is a deity of chaos, blood and patron of assassins. It is said that through blood sacrifices they receive special power from the Dark God. Crimson Cloaks are said to have their strength increased and being able to turn invisible.

Founding Date
-5000 AE
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Crimson Cloak

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