Article 2055 of Queen Elsbeth's Archives, housed in the second library (in the west wing) of Palestone Castle, Red Fern.
Author: Gerdelai, scholar.

Last update: who cares? It's about sweets for crying out loud!
  There are two types of jellybean available on Venari (as far as this scholar is aware). The first (known as "jelly bean") is a sweet created almost purely from sugar, and these are favoured by humans and gnomes. The second (known as "jellybean") is made from a mixture of sugar and jellybugs. These are favoured by orcs, goblins, and trolls. Having tasted both, I can confirm they are both delicious. This article will focus on the second.  


Making jellybeans is a simple, but long process. Owing to this, the sweet treats are made in only a handful of locations througout Venari, by fairies and grunts. The fairy/grunt partnership ensures that not only are the sweets made, but they are also sold. If the grunts were left to their own devices, they'd eat the lot of them.   Jellybeans consist of combination of sugar, pixie dust, and jellybug milk. The sugar is often purchased from farms close to the jellybean factory by fairies. Meanwhile, the grunts work on the laborious task of milking several thousand jellybugs. It takes the milk from around 800 jellybugs to create a single sweet. The colour of the jellybug is the colour that the sweet ends up being.   The grunts mix the jellybug milk and the sugar together to form a paste. While this happening, the fairies go and beat up some pixies to steal their pixie dust. While some argue that this has now taken on a more transactional arrangement, there is little evidence of this. The pixies only ever seem to be compensated for their dust with black eyes and broken bones. Some even lose whole fingers.   The pixie dust is added to the paste and the fairies work in their own magic. Outside of the fairies, no-one really knows what this is and the fairies aren't talking (in fact, they threaten anyone who dares ask about it). Whatever the magic is, it gives the jellybeans their shape, structure and texture. It also means that the flavour ends up being whatever the consumer thinks it should be. For example, if I ate a jellybean and expected it to taste of apple, it will taste of apple.  

Jellybeans and orcs

Many think of the humble jellybean as nothing more than a sweet treat, and for many that is true. However, a small number of orcs have reported that consuming vast quantaties of jellybeans makes them stronger, smarter, and quicker than usual. This effect is temporary, and can only be maintained by further consumption of jellybeans.   There are even multiple accounts of the Battle of Fanghaven being won because every warrior in the infamous Dark Moon Clan ate two handfuls of jellybeans before fighting.   I'd like to do some research into how jellybeans affect Orcish Rage, and how Queen Elsbeth can use this to her advantage.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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