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Akar, the Beast

  In the untamed expanses of the Dal, a land where the ground itself breathes with ancient power, the formidable presence of Akar, The Beast, God of the Wilds, reigns supreme. An Elder Deity as old as the mountains themselves, Akar embodies the raw, untamed force of nature, a patron of the wild and the chaos that dwells within it.   Appearance of Akar
  Akar manifests as a colossal entity, its form a towering conglomeration of bestial features, shrouded in the elements of the untamed world it represents. Its eyes, glowing with the fury of a volcanic heart, pierce through the mist and smoke of the landscape. Its massive, horned silhouette is a herald of the primal rage and savage freedom that defines the Wilds of the Dal.   The Afflicted Followers
  Those who pledge their allegiance to Akar are marked by a mysterious affliction known as the Wilding Plague, a transformative disease that mutates the flesh and warps the mind. The infected are bound to the will of Akar, often finding themselves in a struggle against their own nature, as the beast within seeks to break free and wreak havoc.   Religion of Akar
  The Cult of Akar worships the primordial might and unbridled savagery of their god. They celebrate the ferocity and instinctual brutality that life in its purest form exhibits. To them, violence is not a tool but an expression of being, a sacred act that honors the deity that revels in the natural order's unforgiving wrath.   Rites and Rituals
  Ceremonies honoring Akar are wild, frenetic events that often culminate in bloodshed, for the followers believe that each drop spilled nourishes the land and strengthens their connection to The Beast. The transformation of the infected during these rituals is a sight of terror and awe, as they morph into monstrous versions of themselves, their howls a prayer to the God of the Wilds.   The Cursed and The Resistant
  Among the infected, there exists a sect that resists the call of the wild. These individuals live in a perpetual state of conflict, their human intellect battling the animalistic urges. They are the cursed, forever teetering on the edge of losing themselves to the beast within, yet they hold onto the hope of reclaiming their former selves, or at least maintaining their humanity.   The Dual Path of Worship
  The religion of Akar thus walks a dual path: one of surrender to the primal instincts, celebrating the deity's embodiment of nature's unchecked might; and the other of resistance, a testament to the struggle against the inherent wildness that lies dormant within each being.   Societal Impact
  Societies under the influence of Akar's worship are often volatile, their structure mirroring the chaotic essence of the deity. Leadership is determined not by lineage or wisdom but by strength and the ability to harness the power of the Wilding Plague without succumbing entirely to its madness.   Philosophy of the Faith
  Akar's faith serves as a dark mirror to the world, a reminder that within every ordered society lies the shadow of untamed chaos, ready to erupt. It challenges notions of civility and questions the thin veneer that separates man from beast, urging its followers to embrace their true nature, however violent or untamed it may be.   In the heart of the Dal, where the ground quakes with the steps of The Beast and the air is thick with the promise of transformation, the cult of Akar thrives, a testament to the eternal struggle between civilization and the wild.  
Divine Classification
Greater Elder


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