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Vea The Realm of Nova-Space

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The lands are young still. Ruined empires, long-forgotten lore, and ancient secrets are all concepts unfamiliar to the world's inhabitants. The gods created the planet Vea a mere ninety eight years ago, and as such all the world's history is still remembered and recorded. At the inception of the plane of nova-space, the realm was left untamed, until the gods created a plethora of life, populating the planet Vea with a wealth of new, diverse folk. The four corners of the world run wild with powerful magic, and the weave is particularly potent wherever one may find themselves. This, coupled with the direct help and intervention of the gods and deities of the world, led to civilisations being rapidly constructed, and worldwide growth occurring at a bafflingly high rate, dwarfing that of many other fantasy realms. Magic is an exceptionally powerful tool that is very well understood by many, and this has in part led to the advancements of technology, leading to many areas in the world being on the cusp of industrial revolutions, despite the world's youth.   As a whole, Vea is often regarded as being ever-changing, and unpredictable in nature. It is very rare for little to happen at a worldwide scale each year, due to the high prevalence of magical and technological advances across the world. As such, many highly-motivated individuals and groups are able to create massive changes across the realm if they wish, from mighty empires seeking to rule the continents, to forceful dragons reeking havoc across the lands. Wherever one may be situated in the world, they can be guaranteed that adventure is just around the corner, as there is much to be explored. While one should of course be cautious, fame, fortune, and glory is always within arms reach to those who are capable and strong-willed enough.