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Vavainei is a world that is practically unknown to the other material planes. Vavainie has 1 greater deity named Verva, Verva created the world along with its inhabitants. there are also leaser deities like Hades the Raven king, Tri'Lock the iron knight and the 11 icons. Vavainei is a world with a higher level of magic with much more percentage of people born with an aptitude for magic. There are 7 continents in Vavainei Alcas, Cha’oul, Tyla, Torius, Gorun, Thrin, Bon'rilen.     in this world, magic is in abundance with odd anomalies though out the world such as the rift, a massive amounts of pocket worlds that many use as homes or the mass of magical monstrosities, such as the nightmare spawn or the reapers.