Prowen Province

The province of Prowen is ruled by the Zrugozz who were named the 'high race' of the area. They specialize in the production of weapons, armor, and fine metal works.


The Zrugozz run the province as if it were an extension of their own kingdom. While they are largely in charge of policies that affect the province as a whole however they do not interfere with the day to day operations of the other kingdoms. They also have advisors from each othe kingdoms to aid in making fair decisions.


As a whole the province opperates amicably, taking each other's concerns into account and working together as much as they can. The Zrugozz take their position of power very seriously and do their best to make sure their neighbors are well cared for under their reign.

Public Agenda

To comply with Imperial edict and to keep things running smoothly and peacefully across the province as well as to provide a standard that can translate borders and also protection for all within.


The Prowen province is among the richest of the Provinces due to the abundance Zikran mines in the area and the skill of the craftsmen. It is also ahead of most other provinces when it comes to weapons and armor as it is one of the leads on production of such crafts. Beyond that it also maintains both militaries allowed it by the Empire and recieves it's own budget.


When the Empire of Alatheia was founded under Rai's command the kingdoms chosen to split into what became Prowen, chose to allow the Zrugozz to lead them. This was due to the Zrugozz having more in the way of resources that would aid them all as well as their impressive military might.


The Prowen Province is home to it's own branch of the Imperial Army, which opperates identically to how it does in all of the provinces. It also houses a provencial military as is the right of all the provinces. This military focuses on endurance and using the terrain to their advantage.

Technological Level

Prowen is constantly on the lookout for better ways to maintain the structural integrity of it's cities and to make trade and transport more effective and efficient.

Agriculture & Industry

It is a mostly hunting, mining, and smithing based economy and culture. It's greatest claim to fame is the masterful metal works that it produces on a regular basis.

Trade & Transport

The trade routes of Prowen are well taken care of and kept clear for transport and heavy duty lifts are used to get things from surface level down to the cities below.


Every settlement has at least one school operated by imperially certified teachers. In addition to this Prown is home to a number of trade academies and workshops to further education in various crafts and offers many apprenticeships.


Most of the ifrastucture to be found in Prowen lies beneath the ground in the vast underground cities that it's people call home. The roads on the surface though are well maintained in order to ease the speed of transporation and trade.
Founding Date
0001 Age of the Great Dragon
Geopolitical, Province
Prowen recognizes the Imperial kydruna as well as it's own Dinar.
Major Exports
Weapons, armor, metal works and zikran are their greatest exports.
Major Imports
Most fruits and veggies are imported due to a lack of ability, and interest, in growing such things when they can just buy them from other nations. They are also large importers of the minerals and metals that Deglarune produces.
Legislative Body
The Alpha King of the Zrugozz has the final word on Provencial policy, however it is written with his advisors help. He only has say over his own Kingdom and over things that involve the entire province.
Judicial Body
The Zrugozz judicial system is the one that handles all provencial issues as they arrise.
Executive Body
The Prowen branch of the Imperial Army, as well the individual law enforcement bodies of the kingdoms.
Notable Members
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