A race descended from disgraced Dragons and half-bloods.

Basic Information


The Nenzubis are recoggnizable on sight by their dragon like features, whilest they are humanoid and have no dragconic form, their legs are built like a dragon's hind legs and they bare taloned hands like a dragon's paw. Their faces are slightly elongated and resemble their ancestors with wide fanged mouths. They occasionally manifest wings but it is not exceedingly common.

Biological Traits

Unlike their ancestors, there is no noteable size difference between males and females. In fact the two genders seem rather identical to each other in the long run.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Nenzubis are capable of reproducing with any race as their partner determines if the birth will be an egg or a live birth.

Growth Rate & Stages

They observe the same life cycle as their ancestors but skip the egg stage. For them the cycle is hatchling, drake, fledgiling, wyrmling, adult.

Ecology and Habitats

The Nenzubis are a harty race capable of surviving in almost any enviorment. This comes from the spread of influence and control their ancestors had for the longest time. They prefer however the sunny dryer areas of the south.

Additional Information

Social Structure

For the Nenzubis the social hierarchy is built around reputation and civil service. Prized more than anything in their communities is respect, common courtesy, and neighborly sentiments.  Hard work is important but social interactions and community service are even more so. Everything the Nenzubis do is weighed on a scale of community impact. They, as a community, strive to make things better for all rather than just themselves.

Facial characteristics

As they resemble their ancestors greatly their faces are often reminiscent of the snouts of full Dragons. that said they have draconic eyes that reflect the mixed heritage that led to the race as a whole. Despite the seeming impossibility of such females often tend to have soft features despite the ridges and scales.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They largely live in the deserts of their kingdom Xido, one of the four kingdoms of Mozesian.

Average Intelligence

They are of about average intelligence, but often very good with social situations.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They can see in the dark, hear across further distances, and are generally stronger than other races by default.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Nenzubis really don't observe any naming traditions due to their mixed origins as they take into account the culture of their partners or ancestors when naming their offspring.

Beauty Ideals

For the Nenzubis beauty is rarely counted based on any outward features. They tend to focus almost entirely on personality and one's kindess. More so than any trait or physical feature the Nenzubis look for charity, compassion, and tenacity.    That isn't to say that they don't have incredibly individualized views of beauty but those are second to personality in most cases.

Gender Ideals

Males are often expected to keep up with the physical labor jobs and to provide for and run the household. That said Women are expected to keep things running smoothly by managing said work and providing food. That is not to say that Men are considered any level of superior or above women in any way. Rather that they are equals who share the long list of duties and responsibilities.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships for the Nenzubis are primarily about trust and partnership. The ideal relationship is a fifty fifty split of responsibility, where both parties pull their weight and help each other in everything they do.

Average Technological Level

They are not innovators in their own right but are handy with most of the latest technology produced around the empire.

Common Etiquette Rules

It is considered only right to drop what one is doing and help another if they are struggling or look like they could use it.    Holding the door is an expected behavior no matter who the other person is. Cleaning up as one goes or after ones self is also expected. It is considered rude to not at least say hello to someone if eye contact is made and it is equally rude to seemingly ignore someone's greeting.

Common Dress Code

Nenzubis favor light airy fabrics and wrap style clothing that can be as loose or tight as they like it too be depending on what they are doing. They don't often wear much jewelry or or ornamentation as it is considered unnecessary and often gaudy. The exception to this of course is if they are in a relationship/courtship with a race that shows affection and intent through such things.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Their cultural heritage is a mix of almost every other culture in the empire, and yet unique to them. It is as far removed from their draconic ancestors as they can get. In most cases the ties to such culture is considered an embarrassment and an unfortunate accident.   Community is the central point of their cultural identity, as they are incredibly social and as mentioned before strive for the betterment of all above the betterment of one. Social get togethers and festivals are huge ordeals that are talked about for months and looked forward to for just as long.

Common Taboos

To openly wish harm or ill upon another.   To openly strive for the betterment of only yourself with no regards for the community.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Nenzubis tend to have a wonderful working relationship with most other races. This in large part due to their peaceful and helpful natures. As they genuinely want to make the world a better place for as many people as possible.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
Average height is usually six feet rarely reaching seven
Average Weight
three hundred pounds is the average weight due to scales and muscel mass.
Average Physique
Nenzubis are often rather stocky in stature, not large per se but stocky. They are covered in lean but strong muscles and there is little doubt the damage they could cause if angered. That said most of them do not train that way much and often put on some amount of plush fat weight.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their body colors differ vastly as they are covered in scales and patterns unique to them and their particular heritage.
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