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Chinait Province

The Chinait Province is home to innovation, discovery, experimentation, and technological advancement. The peoples of Chinait are very welcoming and warm, always willing to listen, and even more willing to teach what they know.


The Tinkers rule the province on the surface though if you look deeper the Myklal might as well be in charge. The leader of the Tinkers holds the position of head of the Province though many of the actual duties fall to the Myklal instead as Tinkers are often too busy with study and experimentation to worry about much else.


Despite the relatively scatterbrained and absentee methods of the Tinkers they care deeply for maintaining the peace and keeping things running smoothly. Hard work is something they are known for, not as much as those in Trenlodge, but it is a trait all within Chinait seem to share. As such there is much delegation and team work that goes on behind the scenes to run the province.

Public Agenda

To keep the province running smoothly and according to Imperial guidelines. To provide for and protect the peoples of the province.


High level technology, as they are the central hub of technological advancement their greatest assests are their developments and creations. They also recieve an imperial budget as well as a stipend, the later of which goes to further advancement.


When the Empire was founded the Tinkers were chosen as the 'High Race' of the province due to having plentiful resources to provide both protection and prosperity to the people. They however leave the daily opperations to the other races as they are focused and often forgetful.


Like the other provinces of the empire, Chinait employs both of of the allowed millitaries. With the imperial branch operating the same as it does in the provinces and their personal military focuses more on tactical advancement and strategy being more for experimentation and study than functionality.

Technological Level

The province leads the empire on both technological and scientific knowledge as the pursuit for understanding and better efficiency, safety, and conservation of the world is of utmost importance to the Tinkers in particular.

Agriculture & Industry

Chinait, as a whole, tend to focus on industry and large scale production rather than agriculture. They do haowever have a booming farm industry due to their need to test and perfect the methods they develop for efficiency before the share them with places like Trenlodge Province.


Chinait is home to countless schools and academies beyond the imperial standard education. It is considered of vast importance to everyone and generally highly regarded.


Chinait's industirous mindset results in massive workshops, labratories, and factories as well as countless educational facilities across the province. Due to demand of the Vikoran the roads are all highly maintained and looked after to aid in trade and travel the only thing that is put above the afore mentioned buildings and structures.

Move Ever Forward

Founding Date
0001 Age of the Great Dragon
Chinait as a whole operates on the Imperial Kydruna, however they accept most currency from the rest of the empire as well as goods bartering. They have banks set up in every settlement to offer exchange services and handle all manner of currency related issues that may occur.
Major Exports
Knowledge, information, magical constructs, steam powered machines, safety equipment, blueprints, ect. are the greatest exports. If it can be made and offers some level of ease to daily life then the chances are that it is being developed and distributed. Their other main export is in the form of perserved foods.
Major Imports
Raw materials, food items, and fuel are their main import concerns. In the case of food items they are grand purveyors of all things exotic as the Myklal especially love to cook and have a very food based culture. Raw materials of all sorts are needed to keep the industry and the advancements going, and various fuel sources both magical and mundane are needed in large quantities to run the factories and much of the machinery that is used to develop the various goods and technology they produce.
Legislative Body
Typically policy is made by a small council of delegates from the four races and then signed off on or denied by the leader of the Tinkers. It is very rare that the leader themself will write or bring forth policy on their own.
Judicial Body
The responsibility for interpreting provencial law falls on each of the judicial systems of the kingdoms residing within.
Executive Body
The provincial branch of the imperial army as well the different systems each kingdom uses.
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