Derisian Delights

Derisian Delights are a quintessential treat hailing from the lush, tropical southern regions of Deris, where the unique banana plants thrive. They are apreciated not for their fruit, but for the rich sap they yield. The banana itself is seed-filled, making them less desirable for direct consumption. However, the locals have ingeniously tapped into the plants' sap, boiling it down to a thick, aromatic syrup that forms the soul of these beloved confections.   These delights are crystallized forms of the banana sap syrup, hardened into glossy, amber-hued jewels that capture the essence of Deris's tropical bounty. Each piece is a perfect balance of sweetness with subtle, complex undertones reminiscent of the bananas from which they originate. Mounted on sticks, they are enjoyed as hard candy, offering a long-lasting, delectable experience. Within Deris they are called Banasap Delights. Outside Deris, they are celebrated as Derisian Banasap Delights or simply Derisian Delights.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

Cover image: by Désirée Nordlund + check Credits article


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