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Väruld - meaning 'world' in Old Swedish (Fornsvenska) - is a whole solar system with three habitable planets: Fyrst, Fulrasker, and Ofsen.   It is a low-magic world, with few monsters and many conflicts between humans. My intention is to offer a world with adventures that involve human interaction and mysteries, more than violence and fighting.     Väruld is a solar system with three planets, and one of them is being explored at the moment. The three equal-sized planets lie within the sun's habitable zone. Humans populate them, one race on each planet. 30,000 Earth-years ago, the planets aligned, and the gods-placed portals between the planets opened. They let people move between planets for about a quarter of a lifetime, creating a mix.   But the mix was not equal shares. The original human race on each planet still dominates.   The planet explored is Fyrst. It is a world where electricity has not been found, no moon, and since it takes 300 Earth-years for the planet to orbit the giant sun, they do not count life in years.   Fyrst has 24 countries with a variety of cultures and history. You can search for truths in legends, solve local conflicts, search for treasures, and solve mysteries of crime and puzzles. Imagine yourself in the lush tropical forest with the damp heat or out on the harsh, bitter-cold tundra. Fyrst has it all.   Have you considered how much we measure time and keep track of days and years? We keep age as a label no matter how old you are at mind and body. What if that was not the case?   It is also a place where magic exists. Most magicians are just tricksters without any real skill. A skilled, trained wizard can do almost anything. It has a cost, though, in stamina and a resulting imbalance that needs to be restored. Magic is not common. Not even wizards use it every day.      

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