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Yóhm-Nasuul, the God of the Lighthouse

Cover art by aibzx
My little one, look at what they have done to you, he said to me. And as I wept, I knew he saw my pain, I knew he could feel it too. And I descended the tower; walked the empty streets of the Coral City, and I knew his pain. Within the ruins I found a place, where my home could stand. In a central square, within the light of our father. When the sea parted itself for me, and I stepped onto dry land, I saw his gift for me. Silent, watchful and beautiful. "I will never leave your side, and never shall any lay a hand upon you," father said to me. He shall guide us to our Lords light, I know it.
— Journal of a Nasuulian oracle

Divine Domains

Strength, Sea, Darkness, Mourning

Holy Books & Codes

The tenets and instructions on worship for followers of Yóhm-Nasuul are barely enough to cover a sheet of parchment, never-mind a tome or lengthy scroll. Some followers based along the coastlines will venture out into the Sunless Sea to listen to the quiet wails from beneath. They are said to grate immensely against the same mind, but some more enlightened individuals claim to find purpose and and direct instructions from the God of the Lighthouse himself.
Yóhm-Nasuul likes to give all his blessed messages of importance and uniqueness to stoke fires of hatred between different groups of worshippers. In-fighting is good in his eyes; it quickly and effectively weeds out the weak ones, who would never survive beneath the sea. In the eyes of the God of the Lighthouse, this all is done out of care; his children shall never again be wiped out by an armageddon from above.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Yóhm-Nasuul gave the sunless sea a precious stone; the pearl, a hidden gem of the water, much akin to himself. He demands all worshippers wear white pearls wrapped in wire around their necks. It is said to symbolise his own lonely vigil, and the light which shall bring his new children home. Nasuulian creatures are said to act docile towards folk with pearls in their attire or jewellery, or sometimes even make painful, saddened wails, before retreating into the water. Some folk above the waves claim pearls to be the crystallised tears of Yóhm-Nasuul himself. The Lone Lord has remained very silent when questions about this arise from his followers.

Curiously, fish are often considered to be messengers of the Deep Father, are sacred to his followers. Yóhm-Nasuul may see them as inferior to himself, but they have kept him company after the world he built burned around him. For this, these small creatures have his eternal gratitude and care. He uses them to communicate with his adopted children closer to the surface of the water, and listens to their tales of the land far away, for he can no longer simply ignore it.


Whilst no official celebrations exist to Yóhm-Nasuul, every anniversary of the death of his city and people, the Deep father falls into a dark vigil. He puts out his light, and allows the Coral City to be enveloped by the dark. The children gifted with his magic up on the surface often experience disruptions, arcane mishaps and even complete cut-offs in their arcane ability or communion.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Many moons ago, Yóhm-Nasuul ruled over a civilisation of children birthed in his image. The world outside his domain was a distant nuisance at worst. Sometimes, he even forgot the world above the waves existed at all. The Lush Coral city stood tall and ever lasting. His children venerated him, their light in the darkness, and all was right with the universe.
Then, light brighter than his own fell and crashed from the heaves and into the depths of his domain. It was light burning and destructive. Yóhm-Nasuul watched his children burn and die, with no power to stop their pain. When the armageddon from above died down, only his mournful wails remained. For a century the God of The Lighthouse reigned his now dead, silent city. Some say that the pain of the Lone Lord was so incredibly true, it now echoes for eternity throughout the Sunless Sea.
He took to conversation with much smaller beings, lesser and inferior, to keep him company. It was these small water dwelling things which told him of folk who have survived the onslaught, above the waters. That knowledge sprouted akin to a tree in his mind, and since then, Yóhm-Nasuul has lived for a singular goal. To see his city burst with life again.
Divine Classification
Great Old One
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Lone Lord, The God of The Lighthouse, The Coral Guardian, The Echo of the Sunless Sea, The Deep Father
Strength, Battle, Water, Ruins
Favoured Weapon
Sacred Animal
The Far-off Children
Organization | Oct 23, 2019

Followers of the Lone God

The Sunless Sea
Geographic Location | Dec 30, 2019


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Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
27 Oct, 2019 20:29

I like the immediate split from a traditional faith here! Listening to the waves to receive instructions from a god seems a lot like something that could very well have been a part of a real culture, too!
  Nasuulian creatures act docile to those who wear their symbolic pearls? What are Nasuulian creatures? The name to me implies they are related to Yohm— but are they simply sea creatures? Are they warped monstrosities that live in the sea, created by Yohm?

Curiously, fish are often considered to be messengers of the Deep Father, are sacred to his followers.
Think you may want to add a "and" between those two.
  Love that backstory! It seems like a completely understandable goal which can all too easily lead to problems when pursued. I assume the "bright light" that wiped out their city was debris from the event on the moon?
  A nice read! Glad to see another from you guys.