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McTavish Tavern

Nestled along the Kheltland coast is a small town, home to a tavern that doubles as headquarters to the famous Kheltic Knights Adventuring guild. The McTavish tavern is a two story tall building made from brick and mortar. The windows are made from the bases of broken bottles in an assortment of different colors, providing a stained glass effect. From the outside, you can hear the cheerful voices of the regular attendees and smell the food being cooked in the back. Inside, the main space is lowered by two steps and has a number of circular tables scattered throughout. The table closest to the fireplace is a long rectangular table with plates of food and drink already set out for anyone to take. Passed the tables and two steps up is the bar, a simple thing with stools placed near the counter where the tavern's owner stands.   Passed the bar is the swinging double doors to the kitchen and the stairs into the basement. Upstairs to the second level are the rooms available to rent for the night.

Purpose / Function

The McTavish Tavern fulfills two purposes. The first is to provide the quiet town a place to eat a warm meal and enjoy a few hearty drinks. It is also a place of entertainment, to unwind from a hard day's work.   The second purpose is that the tavern operates as the headquarters to the Kheltic Knights, an adventuring guild of high renown to the people of Kheltland.

Sensory & Appearance

Upon entering the tavern the guest can immediately feel the warmth of the fire roaring in the grand hearth.   The smell of spiced meats and sweets fill the air as the tavern's cook diligently works the kitchen.


The McTavish Tavern is welcoming to all who enter. The owner, Sielle, is quick to greet anyone seeking shelter or food, she is even known to offer the first drink free of charge. If anyone causes trouble, Sielle has no qualms with escorting them out from the point of her cutlass.

Contents & Furnishings

The tables and chairs are made from a sturdy, polished oak. Various animal hides decorate the otherwise baren walls. Hanging from the ceiling are sconces made from old mugs.


There is a rumor that the Kheltic Knights have a hidden cache of treasures. The fact that Sielle, the guild founder and tavern owner, is a former pirate doesn't help.


A special enchantment has been placed on the tavern, making the building impossibly larger inside than it would be while standing outside of it.   The second floor serves as the standard rentable rooms for travelers. Meanwhile the magically added third floor and up serves as the bunkhouse for the guild members. A special door has been added to act as a meeting hall for special assignments for guild members. This room can only be accessed when the leader of the guild sends an invitation.
Alternative Names
The Kheltic Lady's Bar and Grill
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Characters in Location

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