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Blaid Frost ((blah-eed) or (blade))

Blaid "of the Frost" (He/Him)

Race: Half Human / Half Dwarf   Favored weapon: his father's broken sword   Favored armor: light, banded plate mail.   Homeland: Ghael   Home region: Frostborn   Background:   Blaid is the son of (Name) and (Name). His human father was an adventurer of Ghael. He traveled constantly and eventually settled at the quiet village of Norune where he met Blaid's Dwarven mother. On Blaid's fifth birthday, (his father) arrived from his last adventure, his body grew cold like ice and ice crystals began to form on his body. Within a year, (his father) became a solid statue of ice, sitting atop his favorite stone chair a tired and content expression forever frozen to his face.   His mother would tell Blaid that all adventurers are little more than mercenaries that prey on the weak and forbade Blaid follow in his father's footsteps. Instead, she taught him to work the family forge. It is here, Blaid would find his peace, every time he worked the forge was akin to meditation for Blaid. However, it would be during that time, that Blaid would remember all of the fantastic stories his father would tell him. He was even known to pester the passing tradesmen and women for stories of the outside world. (His mother) would often scold Blaid for this.   One day a group of mercenaries arrived to the village. They visited regularly and always caused trouble. Blaid was 16 when the leader of the group demanded (his father)'s sword. His mother refused to comply with this demand and Blaid attacked the mercenary. Blaid was defeated easily. The next year however, Blaid would be ready for them. Again they demanded the sword and Blaid attacked again. This time he had a shield and his smithing hammer.   The mercenaries surrounded Blaid and the leader drew his axe. They fought for several minutes and Blaid was again losing. When it became clear that the fight was to the death. Blaid managed to draw his father's sword. A dense, heavy thing and clearly made of Dwarven design. The lack of proper care caused the blade to break. This gave Blaid a lighter weapon and a point to use. He defeated the leader and the others rushed Blaid. Thanks to his father's sword and the blessing secretly etched into the shield by his mother, Blaid was able to defeat the entire band.   From there, Blaid set out to prove to the world that adventurers can be more than just mercenaries and thugs. He sharpened the sword and his mother enchanted it to never dull. He then left his village in the Frostborn region and during his many adventures throughout Ghael, met and befriended a humanoid snowleopard named Skarva. Together, they set out to make a name for themselves and became brothers in arms.   Blaid eventually joined the Winter's Warriors; the policing royal guard of the High King, of which there hasn't been for over 580 years. When Blaid learned that all Winter's Warriors are forbidden from leaving Ghael's borders. He abandoned his post in the dead of night with the help of his closest friend Skarva. Together they set sail and found themselves in the misty land of Kheltland . It was there the two discover a famous adventuring guild, one where they would be free to travel the known world, the Kheltic Knights.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong build for a travelling blacksmith.

Facial Features

Thick eyebrows, well kempt beard

Specialized Equipment

Broken Dwarven sword.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





No known education. Blaid is fairly literate.


Guild Adventurer

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Blaid has a tendency to tell lengthy stories of adventure and whimsy.


Blaid keeps clean enough and pays special attention to his beard and hair. Blaid tends to smell strongly of burning pine.
Current Status
Performing miscellaneous quests for the adventuring guild, Kheltic Knights
bright, Sky Blue
Long, wavy, almost black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned from years outside and at the forge
194 lb or 87.9 Kg
Known Languages
Ghaellin (native language)   Alomi, Asthran, and Kheltic

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