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Sielle McTavish (See-el, Mick-Tav-ish)

Lady Sielle McTavish- McTavish (a.k.a. Kheltic Lady, Queen of the Pirates, Terror of Ramal) (she/her)

Sielle was born the eldest daughter of three in (village), a coastal village at the south western edge of Kheltland.   Her father, (name), ran the family tavern. The village would visit the McTavish Tavern often and many life events would happen here. Sielle was taught by her mother, (name). Her mother was a known druid of the village and so, Sielle and her sisters were taught a great deal about the natural world around them. While her sister, Jaliea, took an interest in the herbal plants use for healing, Sielle would often sneak away to be with her father. She would perform a number of duties at the family tavern and would listen to the wild stories of the local sailors.   It is because of the sailors, that Sielle felt drawn to the sea. At the age of 14, Sielle was given her chance aboard a fishing ship. The work was grueling and paid rather well however, Sielle felt the pull to greater things. Eventually she saved up enough for a small ship of her own, the "An Bandia Farraige" and with some sailing friends, patrolled the sea, assisting the local ships whenever they were in need of help.   All of that changed when she was given a job aboard a trade ship. They were headed to the nation of Ramal, the voyage would take several weeks just to get there. The path they took passed right through a dangerous group of islands known as An'Deoch Moore. When the trade ship was attacked by pirates, Sielle's fiery behavior toward the pirates impressed the captain. He took her aboard his ship and she worked for him for many years.   Sielle became known as the "Terror of Ramal" with this crew and the captain allowed her to spend time with her family on special occasions. Her tales of her adventures made Sielle a local hero of her home village. Many even called her the "Queen of the Pirates" because of her stories. While her parents did not necessarily agree with her life choices, they were happy to see her on her visits.   During her time in An'Deoch Moore, Sielle learned of the Dark Elves that shared the island nation with the Sea Dwarves and Humans. She adopted the Dark Elf religion of the Sea Queen and would often commune with the sea before setting sail again. She would even receive omens and rewards from the Sea Queen by way of the golden eels she uses as her messengers.   In fact, it would be one of these messengers, that would send her home for the last time. Her parents had passed away and her sisters were now alone. Sielle spoke to her good friend the Sea Dwarf, Captain Gimliey, who gifted her his fastest Kheltland Ship. Sielle came home to find the McTavish Tavern in a ruined state. So she worked with the locals to rebuild it. She hired Narsinan as her cook and took care of her sisters in the village.   Eventually, her tavern would house many misfits of Kheltland and beyond. These travelers of all walks of life would carry out many jobs and requests. Eventually forming the founding members of the Kheltic Knights adventuring guild.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong, light frame from years at sea.

Identifying Characteristics

Bright red hair, stern face, rarely wears a dress.

Physical quirks

Taps her foot while idle.

Special abilities

Sielle is able to rally those around her with ease. When the mood strikes her, she will sit and make jewlery, or leather craft on her spare time.

Apparel & Accessories

Often wears a necklace given to her by her mother. She keeps a boot knife that once belonged to her father.

Specialized Equipment

Always keeps an assortment of potions, ointments, and herbs from Kheltland. Carries two cutlasses that are enchanted by the magical ointments made by her sisters.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Straight, Female, She/Her




Sielle attended a local schoolhouse from the age of 6 until she left home at 14. She is a self taught sailor/pirate and tavern owner.


Siellie started working on her father's tavern on her spare time. She would later leave home and began a career at sea. It is there she became the renowned pirate she is. Currently, she is self Employed.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Founder and owner of the Kheltic Knights Adventuring Guild.


Took part in the act of piracy, robbery, and assault. Though she will deny it.

Personality Characteristics


Sielle is motivated by her family and friends, often seeking to help anyone that asks. Sielle has been known to randomly gift items she has "acquired" on her travels.



founder and owner of the Kheltic Knights Adventuring Guild and owner of the McTavish Tavern.

Social Aptitude

Sielle is highly social and confident, especially with friends or on an adventure.

Hobbies & Pets

Jewel crafting and leather working are a long time hobby of Sielle's. Sielle has a pet Magpie named Eggbert.

Wealth & Financial state

Sielle is not overly concerned about her wealth.
Current Status
Running her guild and the McTavish Tavern, waiting for the next great adventure.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady, Kheltic Lady
Current Residence
McTavish Tavern in Kheltland
bright, green
wavy, firey red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
135 lbs
Worships the Sea Queen
Known Languages
Kheltic (native), Sea Dwarf, Dark Elf, Ramal, and Ghaellin
Ruled Locations

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