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Welcome to the world of Vandrius!

  A world of great kingdoms and terrible monsters, legendary empires and vast undersea nations. Thanks to the recent development of technological advances like ocean-worthy ships and gunpowder, the borders of the map of Vandrius are expanding by the day, and worlds collide. As little as 24 years ago, the humans of the continent of Vandrius made landfall on Eleron, a vast land inhabited by elves and creatures of the fey. Tentative alliances and trade agreements have been made, but how long can this peace last?   The newly discovered Vandrian Archipelago is a string of islands in the middle of the sea which have developed into a powder keg ready to blow. Each kingdom, city state, and empire scrambles to establish their own foothold in the archipelago, setting up trading colonies and naval forts wherever they can. Meanwhile, piracy thrives on the chaos, and the native merfolk struggle to maintain their place in the archipelago.

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