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Durgurath was one of the guardians that Valtena created to protect the world. He resided on Evirs and often flew over the continent to protect his domain. As time passed, he settled on a spot near the center of the continent, and his magic enriched the land around him. He was known for his wisdom and was one of the few guardians to interact with and speak to the other sapient species once they were made and began to settle on the continent. Dragons came from far and wide seeking his counsel. The dragon was massive and said to have occupied the space of a small city when he lay down. As the humans came closer to his immediate territory, he warned them that they could settle and live as they pleased except on his hunting territory. At first, the humans respected that and moved away. However, as the centuries passed, they moved closer and closer. At first, it was only a few farmers and peasants who entered his territory to hunt. He tolerated their presence but warned them not to settle. And then they began to build cottages and farms. He allowed it because it was only a few peasants. His anger came when they began to build towns and cities on his territory and destroyed the natural land. He burned the settlements and drove the humans out. In retaliation, they came back in with an army and slew him while he was sleeping. His death drained the land of the magic he imbued it with, and his blood became poison to the ground. The area started dying off, and over the next several decades, the decay spread far across the continent. The empire fell, and the people were forced to flee. His skeleton still remains at the center of the vast desert left untouched since the day he died.

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