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The Jellyfish

The Jellyfish are creatures that roam free, unbound to the orders that people call natural, and a part of life. They are the perfect representation of neutrality, solidarity, and the power found within oneself. They are impartial to those things that bind people to ideas, to nations or creeds. While the turtle represents the law, traditions and steadiness in life, the jellyfish simply moves on its own pace, ignoring that which others try to slow them with. Neither do they strive to be 'free' like the mighty shark, who is forced to swim constantly lest it lose its momentum and its freedom in the process. The otter, like those that profess goodness must be seen in the eyes of man for their works to be of effect, which struggles to bring change to those that need it. So must those that wish to bring darkness to the land must hide themselves in the depths of society, unable to act in the light of day, unable to express its desires. The jellyfish is simply impartial to all that surrounds it, neither condemning or supporting anything, for it does not hold any importance in these. It does not reject them, for it has never considered them.   The jellyfish is without nobility, morality, or true purpose and is thus unworthy of notice in the eyes of those that cannot understand. To those that see its power realize that it is a pure form of life, a being that trusts in nothing other than itself, latching onto anything that dares to come within its reach, pulling even the mightiest into an early grave. It is able to stand alone, but it is unbeatable in a group or a mob. Several prominent mercenary companies, and historical rebellions have used this as their symbol.


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