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Captain Price

Captain James Price

Captain James Price is a former member of the Royal Army and currently runs an adventurers lodge in the city of Langdale, offering work to anyone with the skills to take on the tasks the guards cannot.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

James Price is a former Royal Army captain who served under King Marius Aster for many years.   When the King died, Price left the Royal Army and used his retirement payment to start an adventurer's lodge in Langdale.   His goal was to use his contacts and coin to achieve what the city guards could not. He provided accommodation for passing adventurers providing they helped the city by taking local missions which the guards either couldn't or wouldn't look into.

Mental Trauma

Price fought against the Drow under king Marius and harbors a deadly hatred of them.   During the course of the war, Price was taken prisoner and subject to months of torture with the goal of extracting vital information about Valoroth's military strategy.   Despite coming close to death, Price never broke.


Social Aptitude

Price is a hard man to like. He is abrupt and oftentimes rude - but once he considers someone a comrade, he would do anything for them.

Wealth & Financial state

Price used to own a large building in the lower districts of Langdale which served as his adventurer's lodge. This building was burned to the ground by the Drow before the Journey to the Underdark.
Short, Brown (Greying)
Aligned Organization

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