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Ramar, Nation for All, is the only Nation on Marvee that is made up of many races instead of a one or two. Ramar has Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Dragonborn, Halflings, and even some Goblins and Orcs. Ramar is located on the southeast corner of Marvee and is one of the smaller nations as well as the youngest nation. It was founded by a coalition of Dwarves and Dragonborn soldiers who tired of fighting and decided to strike out on their own and find a way to live in peace. They chose to welcome other races to join them. Humans desiring a sense of adventure and freedom from the bigotry of their people came next. Then elves who resented being controlled by the Eladrin came as well. The elves are careful to not speak of the Eladrin though, for they know the Eladrin are watching them closely. It was very surprising when some Orcs and Goblins desired to join the nation as well. Orcs and Goblins are races that have never formed nations and typically travel as nomads around the center of Marvee and traveling through the desert in the west and the swamplands in the east. Many have treated them with hostility and distrust. The Ramarens chose to welcome them for they had never know Goblins or Orcs who tried to form a nation before. To ensure that each race was treated equally, they formed a government that had a council with on member of each race led by a whoever the Ramarens elected to oversee the committee. At first the Overseer was either Dwarven or Dragonborn. Eventually, humans and elves were elected. It took over a century until the first Orcs and Goblins began to be elected. Many viewed that as a great achievement. Though Ramar is young, it has become quite prosperous thanks to the diverse skills brought together. It has the largest trade groups of any other nation, for all felt comfortable trading with their own kind.   Due to a large amount of trading with the other nations of Marvee there is a large variety of food available. Many types of food are grown in Ramar as well. Many dwarves grow their mushrooms in underground farms and have vegetables on the ground above. Much cattle is raised in Ramar as well as fishermen that live near the ports. The only food that cannot be grown in Ramar is the diversity of fruit and hunted animals that come from Avalon. Some of the elves miss the fruit, but care little for the meat of Avalon. Not all the fruit travels well, so little comes from Avalon. It is too far away to receive fresh food.   In Ramar, the dwarves and Dragonborn have found a way to work together in finding the resources they want. The dwarves have always been better miners than the Dragonborn. In Ramar the dwarves mine the resources and trade diamonds and coal to the Dragonborn in return for some of the coal being shaped into larger diamonds. The dwarves of Dakor do not care for the diamonds created by the Dragonborn, but in Ramar the dwarves have realized that these diamonds can be larger and more beautiful than those found in the ground.   The city structures are gorgeous in Ramar. Buildings use the combination of all the races. Using metal wood from Avalon the humans build large support structures, while the dwarves build walls of great metallic beauty. The Dragonborn create beautiful stone floors and steps, some even have diamond designs mixed into the rock. Many who visit Ramar are stunned at how beautiful the cities are.   Ramar has never been involved in war. It was founded by those who wanted peace and union with the other races. It is far from all the nations, except for the dwarves who are in constant conflict with the Dragonborn and have no desire to entire another war. Vintas has talked often about what to do about the atrocity on the other side of Marvee known as Ramar. They have ships that could reach Ramar, but Ramar has more.   Ramar has a small army, but due to the diversity within it is far more effective. Having all the races use their strengths in battle has proven to be very effective. The elves and Dragonborn work together to improve Ramar’s military strength and effectiveness. They know that eventually Ramar could be targeted for its prosperity and small standing army.
National Territory