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Havarajya is a collection of floating islands that were once located in the plane of air known as the Havima. At one point a group of plane hoppers using a magic item visited Havima on these islands. The locals did not trust these interlopers and attacked them. Plane hoppers tried to use their magic item to escape, but it was damaged in the fight. When it was activated all the magical energy stored in the item was released at once. It transported not only the hoppers, but the islands that would make up the Havarajya. Arriving on Valmalus high in the atmosphere, but the special quality of the islands of Havima caused them to float with ease, following the air currents of the new world. The magic item was destroyed in this process and the interlopers captured. Uncertain what to do, the Aarakocra decided to banish the interlopers to one of their small islands. These interlopers were a group of Satyr who were having a drunken plane crawl. Placed on the small island of Sanopa the Satyr began making new lives for themselves. The Aarakocra looked at the Satyr with distrust and a bit of hate for taking them out of Havima. Their shamans worked to find a way back home, but as new generations were born Havima started to become rumor, myth and legend. The Satyr still have the broken magic item and some still work to repair, but most are fine just enjoying themselves on their new island paradise.   The Aarakockra were fishers before leaving Havima and now fly down from Havarajya to hunt for meat, they typically avoid eating other birds as they find the idea disturbing and a dishonor to Havima. Havima has slowly turned from a plane of existence to a deity for the Aarakockra. Small game is easily caught and carried back. Animals like rabbits and squirrels. Larger game needs to be cut up and divided between several Aarakocra to safely carry it back to Havarajya. Eventually some thought to bring rabbits back to Havarajya to raise them on the islands to eat, making it much easier to consume them. Havarajya is situated about 8000 feet above Valmalus. There are few places in the world that reach higher, but Marvee does have some mountains that do.   The Havarajya has mountains on some of its islands that reach over 5000 feet above the lowest parts of the islands. These places are treated as sacred sites by the Aarakocra, who typically build shrines upon them to Havima. There are some lakes in Havarajya with fish that can also be eaten, many were lost in the early years as rivers took them off the edge of the islands. The Aarakocra have since modified the rivers to be very shallow, preventing most fish from falling off by accident, though some still do.   Originally a tribal race, the Aarakockra are now a nation united by the Samrata. The first Samrata was an Aaracockra who looks like a macaw. Through flying skill and his beautiful voice, Sang the first Samrata, became revered by all who met him. Seeing the lands below Havarajya showed Sang many possibilities. Sneaking saplings of massive trees found on the lands below he planted them at spots that would become great cities for his people. After many years of successful leadership he passed his leadership down to his most competent child, Binsa. Binsa was wise and fearless. She led her people on the path of mastering metal working. She helped create lightweight alloys that could be used as arms and armor without impeding their ability to fly. These light armors were far stronger than the leather armor that used to be used.   Today Havarajya is lead by the 32nd Samrata, Nugaḥ. Nugah has 7 children who are all working hard to prove themselves as Nugaḥ’s successor. Nugaḥ is widely loved as a kind and just Samrata. These days Havarajya is quite modern, with wooden homes at the tops of giant trees. The wood from trees grown in Havarajya has some properties of Havima.
National Territory