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Galupaea Empire

Often overlooked by those living on the continents and islands of Valmallus is the vast diversity of life thriving beneath the oceans. Among these is Galupaea, a great empire that spans many of the deep oceans of the world. One of the many challenges that the land dwelling nations have, that many are unaware of, is that when their vessels travel into waters controlled by the Galupaea they are attacked by this empire’s army and brought down to depths. Once sunk, the ships are considered spoils earned from those who dared to invade their territory. Few sailors have the knowledge to navigate the oceans because one mistake often leads to their death. Galupaea is an ancient empire. Once of the oldest on Valmalus they had treaties with the Lovato Empire that allowed their ships to sail through designated shipping lanes. Modern sailors that are lucky enough to sail on one of these routes will pass through Galupaea territory unmolested. Galupaea is not aware of the Lovato Empire’s fall. If they ever did the old treaties would be void and no ships would be safe unless a new treaty was signed.   Galupaea has a few races that are members of its vast empire. Tritons stand atop the other races that are members of Galupaea. Grung make up a large portion of Galupaea’s middle class citizenry. Often directly serving the Triton of lower houses. Locathah are the lowest caste in Galupaea. Often managed as slaves to the Grung, they do most manual labor for Galupaea along with farming and fishing. There is also small populations of sea elves that serve the higher nobility in Galupaea. These sea elves are descendents of small sea elf nations that were invaded by Galupaea long ago. There are other Nations that resist them still as the Triton are slow to attack other sea nations and spend more time managing their sprawling empire.
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