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Eotang, the nation of the Drow, is based under the massive desert, Mawrial. Long ago Eotang was a powerful civilization that had great influence in Marvee. The Drow were the first of the elves. At the height of their power they created the other races of elves as experiments in improving their power. These new variants were made into slave casts that served them. The Eladrian eventually led a revolution against the Drow. Destroying most of Eotang ruling class and then renaming Eotang as Avalon. The Drow that survived hid away in small groups for centuries. Finally, just 100 years ago, they found the lost underground caves of Eotang. Finding them available, the Drow began to rebuild. New Jaduun, the capital city was built upon an ancient Drow city whose name had been forgotten. It’s beauty is a weak imitation of the splendor that once was theirs. Many magical items that had been forgotten to time lay here, with none alive now who understood their use.     20 years ago, one of these devices was finally understood. An old tome speaking of the Underdark described a portal that could lead to it. Seeing value in exploring the Underdark for resources urged the Drow into repairing the device capable of creating the portal. It was rebuilt and expeditions were sent through. Many monstrous creatures were encountered and defeated in the Underdark and the Drow grew strong by harnessing the power found there. The Drow are skilled with magic and stealth. Like the elves they made they have a love for understanding the magical nature of things. Schools for dark and fire magic were rebuilt in New Jaduun, for the benefit of all Drow. Eotang is ruled by a monarchy, the Jumong dynasty, that spanned back for hundreds of years. This was broken with the slave revolt and ended the first line. The Second line, the Gojong dynasty, united the disparate groups of surviving Drow and brought them back to Eotang.   Now it is believed the the Gojong dynasty is broken. A small group of Drow have fled Eotang after the Mind Flayers invaded from the Underdark. These survivors are fighting to stop the spread of the Elder Brain’s influence on Marvee and hope to eventually regain their home. They will need help from the other nations to accomplish this. The Drow follow a matriarchal society. Unlike most Drow, those in Eotang follow the teachings of Eilistraee as opposed to Lolth. Though after their fall from the leaders of the Drow there have been some who began to listen to the enticements from Lolth. She can be quite seductive with her talk about getting the Drow back their lost empire. The Gojong dynasty had ruled the Eotang for over two thousand years. WIth their assumed fall those who survive will have a battle on their hands to see who would succeed them.
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