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Dakor, the domain of the Dwarves, it is located to the south of Chulak and encompasses part of the Kulta Vuoret and continues south into the Tundra. The Dwarves build most of their cities underground due to the low temperatures in the Tundra. They do make strongholds and small cities above ground around the Kulta Vuoret.   The Dwarves are located in a constant struggle over the Kulta Vuoret with the Dragonborn of Chulak, and currently control the majority of the mountains in the range. Dwarves use the metals in the Kulta Vuoret to make weapons, armor, and many of their structures underground. They also use stone on less important buildings. Their cities on the Southern side of the Kulta Vuoret are the only ones that are above ground. Due to the constant combat with Chulak on these mountains the cities are the most well defended of all of Dakor. They have walls made of Basalt reinforced with steel. Most of the buildings within are made of steel as well, though many are made with a bronze or brass plating to make the buildings shine with the colors of gold.   The Dwarves are great lovers of gold. Some find it ironic that their love rivals that of Dragons, while the Dragonborn have little interest in gold. The Dwarves have other mines that have good amounts of iron and copper as well as some other metals used to make bronze and brass. The main reason they fight over the Kulta Vuoret is the abundance of gold there. The Dwarves used to have other gold mines in Dakor, but they have begun to run to the end of the gold veins. This has greatly increased the Dwarves desire to take hold of the Kulta Vuoret. The Fey find it amusing that the Dwarves and Dragonborn do not make a treaty allowing the Dwarves to have the gold while the coal and diamonds go the Dragonborn. The Fey do not understand that the Dwarves also lust after the diamond, though for different reasons than the Dragonborn. Diamonds are fairly common on Marvee, but their beauty makes them desirable to the Dwarves. The Kulta Vuoret is not only plentiful in diamonds, but also holds some of the largest diamonds ever seen. The artisans of Dakor greatly desire large diamonds for chandeliers and other works of art. Many Golden statues have gemstones for eyes and those with diamond eyes are the most valued. This is why a treaty with the Dragonborn is unlikely to occur.   The Dwarves grow mushrooms underground and they are the main source of food for them. The also raise some animals as food. Root vegetables are grown on occasion as well, but are considered a delicacy. Dakor is ruled by a King who is elected by the aristocracy of Dakor whenever he passes away. This is to ensure that no unstable or cruel Dwarves take the throne, which used to happen when Dakor was first founded.   Dwarves have a great desire to take the earth's resources and shape them into wonders. They believe that it is the greatest calling in life. Those who are warriors are pitied for their lives are wasted in war and in pursuing the arts. They are respected, but typically those who do not excel at the arts end up enlisting in the army. Many of the soldiers are bitter about being pitied and attempt to claim that there is an art in combat. There is some truth to this claim, but it is not an art that creates lasting pieces so it is not truly valued in Dakor. Even the soldiers who claim it likely do not believe it.   The army swears fealty to the king though many of the generals who lead them come from the aristocracy who typically have different agendas from each other. This can cause there to be different forces that squabble among each other. Like Soldiers, generals are pitied for having less time to pursue the arts. This can make them bitter as well, but they have more time to work on art than soldiers. Their have been attempts by many kings to create a stronger unity between the different families that run the military, but it never takes root. Most of the clothing made in Dakor is made from silk and is embroidered with gold and gemstones. The more affluent you wardrobe the higher rank you are believed to be. It is more important to be a great artist, but most end up gaining wealth and obtaining finer attire. Being a tailor is another well respected profession in Dakor.   The Dwarves have minimal contact the Fey of Avalon. They have some trading for their metallic wood, which the Dwarves find to be beautiful and incorporate it into their structures. Normally the Fey travel South to Dakor to trade, though on rare occasions a Dwarf will travel North to Avalon. Most Dwarves do not like to travel for they dislike doing anything that takes away from their pursuit of the arts. There are some Dwarves that desire adventure and seek to write and make paintings of Marvee and its many cultures. These Dwarves are viewed as a bit unstable, but still well respected for their artistic goals. Many Dwarves who go on such journeys do not return, for Marvee is a dangerous place.
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