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Avalon, Land of the Fey, is in the Rain forest in Northern Marvee. They have sprawling cities on the peaks of the mountains. There are many rumors that say the Fey never harm the forest for they believe nature is holy. This is untrue. The Fey use the forest to hide their numbers and shroud their ways in mystery. The fact that others view them as preservers of nature only show how effective they are at hiding their culture and motivations from the other nations. Avalon is home to the Elves and the Eladrin. The Eladrin are the upper class of the Fey and govern Avalon. The Elves are hard workers and hunters. Elves are not permitted to use swords, they are reserved for the Eladrin to use. Some Elves are bothered by this, but they are few.   Most interaction with outside nations and races is done by the Elves. This is done to keep the existence of the Eladrin to a rumor at best. The Dwarfs are the only race that can confirm the existence of the Eladrin. If an Eladrin leaves Avalon for any reason they are required to conceal themselves as an Elf to further hide the existence of the Eladrin. Elves and Eladrin look very similar in most respects. The Elves tend to have darker hair while the Eladrin have gold or silver white hair. The Eladrin also have eyes that are nearly a solid color, typically all White or all black. This is the most difficult attribute to hide from outsiders, but there are spells that can hide this as well. Eladrin tend to be taller on average than Elves. Eladrin average 6’2” while Elves average 5’8”.   It is rare for Eladrin to leave Avalon, but it has been known to happen. If an Eladrin leaves Avalon without their request being accepted by the leadership of Avalon they will be hunted down for treason by expert Elf assassins specifically trained to kill Fey. These assassins are known as the Kyega. Records indicate that it is very rare for Eladrin to leave Avalon even through traditional channels. Normally Elves can accomplish any task needing to be done outside of Avalon.   The Fey are known to hunt many of the animals in the rain forests of Avalon. They have a high protein diet, with a variety of fruit. They eat panthers, sloths, monkeys, and a variety of indigenous birds. There are many different fruit to choose from like bananas, avocados, pineapples, lemons, and oranges. Many other races find it strange that they have such a unique diet from the other races. The reason for this is quite simple. Hunting panthers reduce predators in the area, but there are not enough of them to kill and feed all the Fey. So, while the elves are hunting the panthers they collect fruit and other game they see along the way. Without the elves working to hunt and gather food, the Eladrin would not have the time to focus on politics and managing their society.   Surprisingly there are lots of metals available in Avalon. Within the mountains there is an abundance of copper and Iron to mine. This is another task left for the elves to accomplish, but the Eladrin are the smiths who take the metal and shape into tools, weapons, and armor. The elves do not receive metal armor. They typically make leather out of panther hides. In Avalon the elves do hard labor and Eladrin take the materials collected and shape them into whatever is needed.   The cities of Avalon are large tree houses made from the trees, that reach high into the sky. Some of the larger ones can be seen from a great distance. Visitors to Avalon are only allowed to visit the cities on the border of Avalon and those are much smaller. In the larger ones the Eladrin live in the upper canopies of the trees. Many have a hard time believing that the trees can support such large cities upon them. This is accomplished through complex spells that shape the trees to the will of the Eladrin and strengthen the wood by blending it with the metals in the mountains below. As you get closer to the trees you can see the metallic sheen and can feel how dense they are. This strengthening goes all the way down to the roots which allows the cities to be so high without falling over.   No wood is harvested in Avalon. This is due to magic being used for light and warmth, so wood is not needed except for their cities which are living metallic trees. The Eladrin are very skilled with magic, they are why the rumors of elves being the best spell casters to ever exist. Alas, the elves do not have near the skill with magic as the Eladrin. They are still more skilled with magic than humans, but are no where near as powerful as the Eladrin. They make up for this with their acrobatic, stealth, and archery skills. This can be a point of contention with the other races who expect the elves they meet to be skilled with magic. Some have come to believe that elven spell casters are not permitted to leave Avalon.
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