2nd Epoch: Tyranny of Sorcerers

Epoch Length: 622 years.   As Sorcerer bloodlines began to become more prominent, humanoid society gained the power to contest their Dragon Overlords. Over the span of 230 years, a series of rebellions lead by powerful Sorcerers killed the majority of Dragons in the world. Those Dragons that remained had to hide, or become subservient to the Sorcerers. Those that chose to serve the Sorcerers became their mounts, creating the first Sorcerer Dragonriders of the world. Rather than liberating humanoid society, as many hoped, Sorcerers claimed the mantle that Dragonkind once had, ruling over humanoid society in a tyranny as vile as the Dragons.   Sorcerers valued their bloodlines above all else, seeking to create large, expansive families. Dragons were passed down generations of Sorcerers like an heirloom, much to the Dragons shame. Some families tried to keep their bloodlines pure, avoiding mixing with other lineages at all costs, believing that the purest bloodline from their original heir would grant them the greatest fraction of power. Others families aimed to mix bloodlines, believing that by mixing bloodlines they would compound the power of all bloodlines to greater heights. Although no two Sorcerer families trusted each other, there was a particular distrust between families of pure and mixed bloodlines. There is no clear evidence as to whether pure or mixed bloodlines are stronger, as each kept biased records of their families history.   Throughout this epoch, these Sorcerer families fought and struggled against each other, causing the fall and rise of several nations. These cycles of tyranny, violence, and war played out until the end of the epoch, which is marked by the first recorded use of the power of Logic by Oremar, who went on to formulate his infamous Theorem.