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Letter from Digthos Graves to Vesilia the Carver

This famous letter was written by Digthos Graves, the Chairman over the Necromancy Chapter of the Drunan Magical Society at the time of Flesh Grafting's discovery. Shortly after her innovative cure for Withering was documented and published in the Drunan Journal of Necromantic Arts, 2nd Edition, Graves was just one of hundreds of necromancers who sent Vesilia letters of recognition, appreciation, and advice.   The Chairman's letter was the only one, however, that ignited an excited flurry of letters between Vesilia and himself. Their exchanges revolved around the future applications of flesh grafting, particularly what it meant for the future of the necromantic arts. After a handful of meetings at Death's Lull (monthly gatherings that preceded Soulharvest), the topic blew into a full-blown research effort. In attendance at these gatherings was none other than Aiden Craft, who is now known as a founding father of Stitchcraft, alongside Niles the Paranoid, Bastion Deville, and Rivena Black.


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