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Valdys The Wider World of Nerevarn

1st Goldfields 1219

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Editorial Team

Valdys is the name the Nerevarnese give to the world in which they live, although they know relatively little of its surface. The Kingdom of Nerevarn is a peninsula on an ocean so wide that only legends tell of what might be over the horizon, and to the north where Nerevarn joins the continent, the wide grass plains of Sarayne extend so far that few consider attempting to cross them to be worth their time.   Magic is a common enough sight in Valdys, although comparatively few possess the natural talent and training required to use it for more than parlour tricks and menial tasks. Most towns will have one or two more skilled mages, usually employing their skills for pay, and most citizens visit the mage the way they would a carpenter or a doctor, as and when they need.