Lady of the Rye, Dame Commanderess of the Reapers , She who've seen after, Bane of all life. Absynthe Abernica

It was a dreary night, cold and blue. A feeble moon was shining through the forest ceiling lighting a small path between the deformed trunks of century's old tree.
At the end of this path laid an altar, of white marble and silver shine. The altar was pale and reflected the moonlight upon the surrounding snow. There was a young women sat upon the altar, leg crossed. Lone and silent yet apparently oblivious to the snow starting to pile up on her long white hair.She sat there with a set of small ossicle, playing jacks in silence.
"Aren't you cold ?" I asked "Surely you should not be there... Where is your home ?"
She turned her head toward me, skin as white as snow, lips red as blood and a set of big sapphire deep blue eyes. She was hypnotic to look at. she started to open her mouth as if she was responding to me but what I heard could not have been her voice.
Thousands of voices responded together, some crying, some laughing, some like if they were full of sorrow or exalting joy all mixed on a soft as silk low and calm voice.
"Why ? should we be cold ?" they asked "We are okay don't worry we are just waiting for our friend. You on the other hand should leave as you are not supposed to be there."
The voice had me chilled to the bone she was not human, she could not be. Yet she was so beautiful. Looking at her she seemed also older than I thought. She had was slender but yet had lots of curves and looked taller than she looked before. She was a very beautiful women indeed, even considering the odd circumstance I started to feel strangely attracted by her, even dare I say a bit aroused
"Excuse me miss but I must insist. You will get sick if you stay out so lightly clothed" I said.
It was in fact true she only had like a small blue robe enlighted with silver embroidery, a warrior belt gird with a blade on each side. The blades sheath itself was of silvery metal with mounted sapphires.
"We will not rest assured, we won't. But again, sir, please leave us alone," she said softly before adding. “I am just a merchant, I am gonna be on my way” I said leaving in haste. I turned back and started to walk toward Grimwald ruins. I was halfway there when I crossed path with a strange looking fella.he was wearing a monk attire dark as a crow and walked barefoot on the path, and was carrying a big twisted stick with him. i thought it was quite strange to cross path with a wanderer at the darkest of hours. Push by a very powerful need to know I started to follow him, out of sight of course. He walked straight to the altar, without any care for the wind nor the snow. also he was leaving strange mark in the snow like if he had a quite long rope or chains behind him. She jumped down to greet him, and took him in a warm embrace. “You look great my Lady” he said. “Don’t give me some Lady, Ezechiel.” she said visibly hurt that he was distant. I sat on my bush, I knew it was a bad idea to spy on them but it was to late anyway. “Sorry miss Absynthe but it’s an habit” he replied “We grew up together remember Ez ?” She said visibly unhappy “beside, you weren’t so shy before” she said shooting him a wicked look and smile. Clearly the two of them knew each other, probably even in the biblical sense. “Absynthe don’t take it like this but... you weren’t what you are back then. And yes, someday we will be together again for good but this isn’t for us to choose when” “I know it’s not your fault Ez, you are literally made that way that being said, I miss you guys.” “We miss you a lot my Lady” he said. He rejected his black hood in his back. He was pale as a dead, eyes red as a big ember. He laid his stick against the altar. As soon as the handle left his hand, a silvery scythe blade appears atop of it and a long chain fall to the ground from the place where his hand was. A pale bony hand. I could not tell if it was due to his crimson red hairs or the paleness of his skin but I knew in the deep of my heart that he wasn’t from this world. “Anyway do you have it ?” she asked “ of course,” he said by putting his hand in his long sleeves. He extracted from some unseen pocket a small crystal. A blue shard, glowing a strange purple hue. “ It was true, you really found a shard !” she shouted “Anything to please, Dame Commanderess.” he said putting down his knee on the ground in submission. “get up you big dummy,” she said smiling. As soon as he was standing up again she kissed him deeply. As she was doing this her eyes glowed a blue light on everything making look him nearly blue. “My Lady, it’s not proper...” he started but she silenced him with another kiss. I dunno why but I felt incredibly jealous of him for that. “Oh Ez, you don’t know how much it’s meant to me” she replied. “ Well, no. As a matter of fact, I don’t madam” he said with a hint of sadness in the voice. “But it was a simple mortal, nothing very special about it.” he said, “She was special beyond anything you can imagine you, dork, she is too dispersed to let you feel it but trust me she was.” “I am sorry, madam, I wasn’t aware of...” he started but she against cut him short. “Shush!” she said “ You could not possibly know. Anyway, any other shard like this one you find when reaping you brings it to me instantly.” “We do madam”. he replied diligently. “Hey, in fact, I am starting to like your obedience thing...” she said with a wicked grin “Kiss me” she ordered. He seemed struck by lighting but instantly complied. “Damn, why I haven’t thought of that loophole before.” she said laughing. “but my lady we aren’t supposed to ...” he started “Don’t worry Ez, I prefer when it’s given willingly.” she said still grinning. “Also I prefer a bit more intimacy. We are not alone” she said. “Not alone madam ?” he asked “You couldn’t help but stay don’t you? I tried to protect you, you know ?” she said clearly speaking to me “but alas you had to stay.” she added. I started to run desperately toward the ruins and the exploration camps. “May I ?” I heard him ask “yes.” she said full of sadness. I looked over my shoulder. He had put his hood back and took his scythe. I tried to run from him but even if he was slowly walking behind me he was catching up. I tried to run even faster but he was behind me in seconds. I heard a strange metallic sound like a scythe cutting a metallic thread. then it was black and cold. I heard him said. “I am deeply sorry”. Then I wake up there again...

— Grimwald ghost interview made by Imperialis Inspector Syruge


Personal History


even deeper spoiler

Absynthe is the daughter of Mortimer, an old entity who control and maybe even created a race of demon called the reapers. They are the ones who collect all the souls that are not directly collected by either a god or a demon prince. Her mother died during birth and no record exist of who she was. She is rumored to have been a powerful sorcerer herself but none really know, except maybe Légion herself
Absynthe was born in Grimwald and was raised by a local innkeeper. She was still an adolescent when her power started to manifest. Every men and women started to court her and the massive pressure made her very shy and evasive. She started to want to disappear so much that one day while she was cornered by a pack of street boys who seemed determined to rape her, she actually did. She had, in fact, opened a portal to her father dimension. She lived her for what felt to her like a few years, but when she learned enough magic from her reaper friends to open a portal back the world she was living in was dead. Grimwald was no in ruins for most of a millennium and no one even remembers what it was. She also learned upon returning to the world that the gods, most notably Nerul, were fighting her father for the control over death and that as such they had put in place a trap. She had in fact triggered said trap herself and was locked on this side, unable to go back except in death. She tried to kill herself to find her way home but to her dismay, it proved not feasible. The gods angered by her defiance and the fact she triggered the trap intended to her father were angered and refused to let her died. She soon started throwing herself in every mortal peril and violent war she could. Sadly to no avail.
Not lot is known about how she encountered The lone wanderer but she started to help him in his quest to find all the shards of his beloved wife. She effectively becomes her disciple and he taught her everything he knew. After more than a hundred years under his tutelage, she asked him to kill her.
while if felt deeply sad to see her go he understood what pain she was in, having himself lost his love. Sadly it was only successful in disarming part of the Gods trap. She was still invulnerable, at least to his knowledge but she was able to open portals for her friend to come to here again. She was surely happy to see her friend again but they also bring the truth about her father inaction to help her. He had been cast off by the Gods and was locked in a cell somewhere. She needed to find a way to help him out and if she was killed someway she would be sent to jail with him. They also explained to her that since she was the last heire of here lineage, she was their Queen, or as they called her Lady of the Rye. Ademal suggested asking Ulfric help in the matter.
Ulfric was more than happy to help and offered both shelter and assistance to Absynthe. In exchange for her following him, he pledges to help her find and break her father cell and to protect her from the god's wrath. Ademal chose to give her the shards to keep, judging that she was both the safest keeper available and that they will see each other sufficiently rarely to not have to look at the shards every day. She took this duty with pride and a keen sense of duty.
She his to this days the most loyal lieutenant of Ulfric IronHand and justly feared as a very scary boogeyman figure.

Physical Description

Body Features

Very few people have ever see Legion without her robes and cloaks, and even fewer have lived to tell the tale.
However, after Imperial Inspector Syruge investigation it would appear that she is, in fact, a female of unknown age. By all accounts, she appears very attractive to anyone looking at her, including when said account are contradicting one another. She, for example, have been described during the same even as a young adolescent fine girl, a very well endowed woman, and an older but still attractive lady. During same the same event.
Her real look, considering such a thing even exists, is unknown.

Identifying Characteristics

Légion wears an abundance of black and blue robes and cloaks which seem to be more a way to hide than any actual weather protection. She also wears a silvery chainmail under it and possesses at least one long sword made of unknown metal with sapphire inclusion. It's rumored she has more than one but anyone wise wouldn't want to be in the position to check. Légion wear only one piece of jewelry a silver necklace upon which a few blue shards are secured.



Master (Important)

Towards The lone wanderer



The lone wanderer

Disciple (Important)

Towards Légion



Relationship Reasoning

Common quest and Goal

Current Location
Rumored to be Grimwald
Current Residence
Biological Sex
glowing faint blue
unknown, rumored to be silvery or blue.
about 1.85m
unknown, rumored to be substantial.
Aligned Organization
Blood Fist Legion


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