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This world was created for a short story written for my Writing Fiction class. The assignment was to write a Utopian Horror story and within a week, I had laid down the foundations of the world.   Set approximately 150 years in the future, a plague had caused most of the world's population to abandon the rural areas and clamber to the cities. As a result, great metropolises were formed. A governing body, the United Global Coalition, was formed to build the infrastructures, manage the populations, and protect them.     The cities had great walls built around them to keep out the dangers of the Wildlands. Magrails became the primary method of travel within and between the cities. Great biodomes were constructed within the cities in order to feed and maintain the populations.   Some cities are expansive encompassing large metropolitan areas. One example of this is the Mid-Atlantic Metro City, which spans between the Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers and includes the former cities of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Frederick, Alexandria, and Annapolis. This city is also known as Capital City.   Meanwhile, in the Wildlands, rogue groups still survive. Those that did not make it into the cities, but survived the plague and those that were dumped out by the UGC. While those in the cities adapted to rigorous rules and formed a productive society, some reject that society. Labeled as terrorists by the UGC, groups around the globe have formed to defy the government and its systems. One such group that has risen to prominence is called the Gray Roses.


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