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Phalloides Blight

The elf screams in horror as more mushroom shaped boils pop out of his flesh, the gnomes pale flesh turns the grayish-blue hue of a drow as he doubles over in pain, the Phalloides Blight originates from the odd mushroom forest of Funglarboris and is extremely lethal.

Transmission & Vectors

Phalloides Blight is transmitted via the air in Funglarboris, but it can also be gained if anyone consumes a mushroom located in Funglarboris. It is impossible to contract the sickness from anyone who is already sick as far as anyone knows.


This sickness originates from Funglarboris, the large mushroom trees in the forest releases spores every few hours that it uses to re-pollinate but these spores are toxic to every known race in Ustril. When these spores land in the ground they form the smaller mushrooms throughout Funglarboris, these are also a carrier of the toxin and will cause this sickness in consumed.


The symptoms of the Phalloides Blight are multiple and extreme, one who is infected will begin by having their veins bulge with a dark purple liquid, this will remain for a couple days depending on the physical fortitude of the infected. Next a victim will break out in mushroom shaped boils filled of an acidic liquid, if these are popped then the liquid will flow out and burn anything it comes into contact with. Finally a large mushroom shaped tumor will grow out of the carrier head and inject a lethal toxin into the victims brain causing death.


As of now there is no known cure to the Phalloides Blight but the carrier can be treated to avoid death at the cost of vigor and appearance, if a victim can make a tea from one of the smaller mushrooms and drink this once a day they can contain the toxins and keep death back for the time being, a failure to consume this tea for more than 24 hours will result in an influx of the toxin causing the carrier's body to burst in mushrooms and untimely the death of the infected.


Most of the people infected with Phalloides Blight will be killed , the stages are as follows 1 the darkening of veins and skin, 2 the growth of boils, 3 the mushroom looking tumor on the infected's head.

Affected Groups

Every known species is susceptible to this horrid illness.

Hosts & Carriers

The main hosts of this sickness are the small and large mushrooms found in Funglarboris.


It is thought that amulets that can deter this sickness can be found in the forest but these rumors have not been confirmed.


This sickness can not be given from an infected to a healthy person, it is only spread through the mushroom's spores.


This sickness was first seen when elves who traveled to the north ventured into the mushroom forest, that was the largest spread of the illness in history, it left many early settler dead. But as the elves gained a greater understanding they learned to avoid the forest all together ever since the sickness has been far less common and only gets contracted by those foolish enough to venture into the forest.

Cultural Reception

Those who get infected will often be shunned, though it is not contagious the horrible effects it has to ones appearance causes people to fear and look down upon the infected, this leads to most of the infected succumbing to the sickness.

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