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Dead City Underpass

The tramps and vagrants, also known as "betas" to the United Earth goverbment, often face difficult challenges when it comes to surviving in the cold winter weather in the Dead City. Many do not have access to shelter, warm clothing, or other necessities that can protect them from the cold. As a result, they may need to rely on various strategies to keep themselves warm and avoid hypothermia or other cold-related health problems. Some Betas take shelter in abandoned buildings, train cars, or construct makeshift dwellings, as per the small wooden shacks assembled in the underpass.    Betas often try to find warmth by huddling together with other Betas, as per the opening scene with Jenna, or by building fires using whatever materials they can find. They also try to find and wear warm clothing, such as discarded coats, hats, and gloves, if they can obtain them from abandoned houses or stores. Many of them wander over the Dead City, even into the fallout zones, looking for clothes and food. Many of them have radiation sickness but this is a small price to pay for a warm coat or hat, or a fresh pair of socks. In addition, Betas may look for ways to obtain food and water in cold weather that puts them in even more danger. This can be challenging, as they may need to scavenge for scraps or rely on the generosity of United Earth missions to provide them with provisions. They also need to be careful to avoid dehydration, as cold weather can increase the risk of dehydration.    Overall, surviving in cold weather in the Dead City as a Beta is a difficult and often perilous endeavor, requiring a combination of resourcefulness, resilience, and luck.  


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