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Отец-воин (Warrior Father) Alok

Alok is the spiritual warrior leader of the Oroks. He is known in his native tongue as Отец-воин (Warrior Father) and has led the Oroks from a small tribe in the Northern reaches of Siberia to the leader of a global people. Something about Alok that many don't know is that he has the original mutations that have now dominated the global extension of the Orok tribe. These mutations result from radiation and fallout, affecting the DNA of unborn children for many years. The first person Alok knew with these enhancements was a strange man at the edge of his village whom many feared. Being inquisitive and more intelligent than his peers, Alok was not concerned about the monster at the edge of the village. After meeting the man, he because good friends and saw the man as a mentor who taught him to use his intelligence and strength and focus on getting whatever he wanted.   Alok is motivated by the same sense of conquering and inquiry that drove the Vikings, with a keen desire to see the rest of the world and understand how his race of very different humans can survive in a hostile and racist world towards them. When the world changed, his tribal style of leadership, along with his almost religious focus on nurturing the Orok's origin and destiny, Alok became a name in myth and legend to those who didn't know him. The Orok exists through guile and tenacity and maintains the secrets of its origin, so only a few understand their true provenance. Alok has undergone surgery to Westernise his looks, allowing him to blend in and participate in various jobs, where otherwise he may be shunned.    Now the Oroks, under the leadership of Alok, are considered the enemy of United Earth, and Alok is the United Earth's most wanted.
Age: 90 Height: 6'7" Origin: Siberia, far north


When Alok was young, he was an inquisitive boy. His wanderings away from home led him to an old man who lived on the outskirts of the Orok village, a man by the name of Jerl. The villagers demonised this man, casting him to the fringes of life, keeping him out of mind as they did their business. They feared this giant of a man. His immense strength worried them, as no one could hope to challenge him in a fight. Others feared his intellect, as he was wiser and more considered than most villagers, except for the elders. However, the elders understood their duty to the people, and while they knew Jerl was a man of honour and compassion, they perpetuated the lie and vilified him, keeping the peace with the tribe.   Alok, however, was different to most. He had the same traits as this man, Jerl, and being the inquisitive type, he ventured to the edge of their land to see what this demon looked like. The two of them struck up a friendship that lasts to today. Jerl mentored Alok through his youth but saw that he would be a leader one day, more so than ever. Jerl vowed to remain by Alok's side as he carried the word of the Oroks across the world and showed people how their differences made them better than the rest of humankind.

The Chromos

The nickname for people with the Orok DNA changes, Chromos, came from the scientists in united Earth who first discovered the genetic differences between normal humans and this new race of being with a lineage of changes that had become endemic in a group of people originating in the far North of the Russian Federation.   The Chromos, so-called for three distinct chromosomal anomalies in their genome, have multiple mutations that make them stronger, faster, and more enduring than other humans, while others are gifted with hyper-intelligence and a barrier to feeling pain. Most have some form of physical abnormality, too, as the genetic code changes in their DNA came with a cost not yet eradicated through millennia of natural selection. And the way the world is today, there is nothing natural about those who live and those who die. It's in the hands of the United Earth science department and their mercenaries, known as Hunters, who are tasked to track and arrest all of them before they spread their broken DNA across the world.   Jerl came with added strength, and his giantism was his disability, but as a bigger target for Hunter bullets, he also felt no pain. This lack of pain could be a blessing but also a curse. It's not so easy to blend in when you have a large gash on your head or a stick impaled through your leg, and you don't even notice.   Alok had all primary genetic markers of a Chromo, along with hyper-intelligence. He did feel pain, but the signals were much weaker than what United Earth considered normal. Alok is what United Earth fears the most. A Chomo with no physical indicators as to what he is, someone with the intelligence of the most learned general and scholar and the charisma of a cult leader.   To United Earth, Alok is the Chomos and the Chromos are Alok. He is the Hunter unit's prime target and they will not stop until he is silenced.


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