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Divine Elixir

A legendary potion formula that is said to heal any malady. Throughout Undinia myths and legends talk of these elixirs healing grievous wounds. Though many people have searched for these elixirs over the years, none have been found.  

Myth to fact

These myths were written off as hyperbole at first until an ancient Illithid text references an elixir of eternal life, that heals all ill, including aging. During the early centuries of the Chroma age, Draconic schoolers used this starting point to try and find more evidence of this Devine elixir. This search was increased when news that Raviwrar was in fact severally injured but alive within the Mire of lost souls. Though the elixir was proven to be fact, the exact formula or any examples of it were found. The search stopped during the Raven rebellion.   This changed in 120 Fey when a life cleric sensed a huge concentration of life under Targvisk, even after the undead overran the city. Realizing what it must have been, a search party was set up by Dragon Queen Essyrri, though they never heard from this group again.  

known properities

While the making process of this Elixir is unknown, as are most of the ingredients. It is known to be made from the Princess flower and has powerful healing properties. It is said to heal any injury, disease, poison, corruption, and even aging itself, though the last two are thought to possibly exaggerations.   It is also mentioned that the elixir itself is easily corrupted, with any mistakes in the making or added after making it useless, though adding magically tainted items to it after finishing making it apparently adds that effect.
It takes on the properitys of magic added after it's creation, I dread to think the type of undead it could create.
-Niomranioss to Essurri upon reading about the Elixir
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