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The prime timeline of Unos. May split into alternate timelines, though purely in a "what if" fashion as opposed to a magical or tech reason.

The Birth Era

The formative period for modern technology

Civilization forms and booms. Technology industrializes among humankind. The island of Cha Tesid sees the erection of the capital city. The invention of the truck leads to exploration and initial colonization, as well as the rise of the Vidu. Their reign of chaos and mass ransacking is put to a bloody end during the Battle of Hemitt's Expanse.

  • -7000 BE

    Invention of the Truck

    More or less, the invention of sand travel.

  • 0 BE

    1 First Month

    Battle of Hemitt's Expanse
    Military action

    The first, and most important, battle between the Vidu and the Devys High Guard.

Growth Era

1 1200

Remaining Vidu forces and officials are routed. With a new perspective on how fragile civilization can truly be, a cultural shift happens almost immediately. Society takes a breath to rebuild, and new explorations begin. The core colonies become mighty cities (though none as mighty as Tesid Devys on Cha Tesid), and dozens of new colonies are formed across the erg. The agamians are discovered, and first contact is made.

  • 1200 GE

    23 Third Month

    Agamian First Contact
    Discovery, Exploration

    The day agamians and humans discovered eachother.

Unity Era

3901 6000

Better leaders come into power among the ancient nations of the erg, and war is soon stopped. Formed to start this new era is the Union, an impartial entity comprised of most free nations and dedicated to resolving conflict sans bloodshed.   The Union was an extremely effective solution, and political tensions all but faded away. A flare-up would happen occasionally, and sometimes a skirmish or two would begin, but it would be settled very quickly. Most of the war technology was turned towards the Voschok and other criminality, as well as creature hunting. This is considered by many historians to be the "second golden era". And, for many, many, MANY years, life carried on in a basic pace for the populous of Unos.