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Cha Tesid

"They say it's the most mundane, boring thing I could have imagined. Maybe that's true, when you've grown up there, but my first visit to Cha Tesid was the definition of amazing."
- Tond of Skall and Lyta, main character of famous novel "Coming to Tesid"     Cha Tesid is the capital city-island of Unos. On it sits a metropolis, built almost entirely of huge and tall buildings for the sake of shade. It stands as the birthplace of humans, and the capital of The Union. The most important and politically powerful location on Unos. He who controls Cha Tesid, controls the world.   Founded before anyone can even comprehend history, the city has stood practically unopposed for over ten thousand years at the least. It's the most powerful, legendary, famous, historied and proud island in the known erg.


The city is primarily human-populated, having been the home of the race since its inception. Agamians occupy the city as well, often in the lower regions and in squalor.


"Even with this unified government, the mayor of Cha Tesid is still the most powerful being in the world."
- Anonymous     Cha Tesid is governed over by a democratic municipality, with a voted Mayor answering to a selected Council. The Mayor has the ability to control the island's military, industrial, and social branches, while his or her Council is responsible for discussing and solving municipal issues and problems. They're essentially the city's "think tank", providing advice and assistance to the Mayor when needed.   City elections occur every two years, and a Mayor can run indefinitely. Some Mayors have been known to run for over half a century, while some others have had hilariously short rules of under a week. While in office, the Mayor is advised to always be aware of assassins, as his job is one of the most coveted in the entire world.   There used to be laws preventing agamians from running for office, but the end of the Integration Era saw those laws dissolved. Since then, still very few agamians have run for the position, and fewer have attained it. 13% of all candidates, and only 8% of all Mayors, were agamian. Not necessarily out of prejudice, moreso out of cultural indifference. Many agamians would rather run for office in a city they care more about the leadership of, such as New Broodnest. However, it should be noted that most agamian Cha Tesid mayoral candidates were greenfolk.


Sand cannons line the Hemitt Line as a primary defensive measure. Secondary defenses include an array of military trucks and planes operated by the {Tesid High Guard}. Internal defenses are handled by the High Guard themselves, who are impeccably trained as expert ground forces. Failing that are the {United Protectorate}, the official Union guardsmen, made up of the best of the best within the ranks of other local militia. The High Guard included.

Industry & Trade

Cha Tesid is the capital of the Union, and as such is a heavy trade port and a forefather of industry, despite not being the biggest or best in either. The ports are constantly abuzz with activity, from offloading exotic imports to trucksmiths doing repairs and even construction. The economic possibilities of the city are widely varied, which makes up for their lack of sheer numbers. Professional and recreational occupation is all offered here in great variety.


Cha Tesid is the very first - and blueprint of - megacity design. On key edges sit airpads and truck docks both, each connecting into the major city area. Water replication systems are found in central areas, and pump throughout the entire island. Power is provided via {solar transistors} placed strategically in the upper levels of the city. Food is grown on farms outside of the city limits, and often imported from other islands.   A unique requirement of Unosian cities is shade. The streets are all properly shaded from the constant sun, for the comfort of its human and agamian denizens alike. Power-based lighting running through the lower regions of Cha Tesid where it's needed.

Guilds and Factions

Tesid High Guard - The official protectorate/armed forces of the island. Built specifically to combat the Vidu during the Red Reign, the High Guard is famous for how brutal, efficient, stoic and unwavering they are. To kill a High Guardsman in combat is nigh unthinkable, much less attainable without serious firepower or a really good plan.


"It truly is unfortunate that pre-expansionary people were such terrible bookkeepers."
- Sera of Jok and Buur, historian       Cha Tesid is the pride and joy of human ancestry, the ultimate achievement. Built tens of thousands of years ago (probably, more on that below), it's been largely unchanged since its completion. It's humanity's home, where you go for history or for human companionship or maybe even where you just live. And that's been true for all of recorded history.   Exact historical records from the Birth Era don't exist. As a result, much of the formative history of Cha Tesid is lost to time. However, modern history remembers it as an indestructible entity with a stone-strong pride and a war loss record of zero.   The largest seige on the city marked the dawn of modern history, and the city virtually wasn't even involved. This was the infamous Battle of Hemitt's Expanse, and occurred in the erg to the north. The city has had many skirmishes within it since, but nothing even remotely threatening to the city itself. The Hate Era brought with it a lot of war and strife, where a few small groups did try to seige the city. No success ever came to them, and the city became instrumental in bringing that awful era to its end.


Almost all of the city's buildings are huge and round, and made of the same material used to build trucks. They were painted during the {Prosperous Era}, when color synthesis became more widespread. Many of them are fairly tall, and a network of walkways suspends from and between the taller buildings at different heights, creating a very multi-layered city.  


  • The United Colosseum


The island the city sits on is very flat. Surrounding it is the Hemitt Line, a large glass ring created from the clash of temperature between the island and the hot sand. The rest of the erg around them is the same, flat and hostile.

Natural Resources

The island hosts a variety of cacti, which produce both different types of cactal wood and cactal fluid. Wood is great in building cores or structures and everyday tools, while fluis is the most important ingredient in {coolant}, and as such is a very popular resource.   The most important resource Cha Tesid exports is water. Its aqua-synthesis machines are second to none, and produce the most delicious and clean water in the least amount of time and in the most quantity. Its second-most important export is {numelium}, the ultimate metal that can withstand the desert heat and be manipulated just like iron, with also the strength of it.
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