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The Erg

"Erg" [noun] (geomorphology) A large desert region of sand dunes with little or no vegetation.

The erg is the desert that makes up the world of Unos. It's a wide and desolate stretch, mostly flat but occasionally duned. The sand is so hot, that it melts most materials in seconds. Its radiant heat is enough to properly cook a meal. And the various islands of actually livable surface area are relatively few and far between. However, humankind was born here, and somehow figured out how to conquer the beast that is the erg.


The erg is mostly flat, however it does dune occasionally. There are potentially hundreds of islands dotted across the desert, and each can have much more extreme geography, including mountain ranges and canyons.   Unos exists in a state of perpetual daytime, thanks to its two powerful suns. As a result, its blue sky and golden sands are a permanent visual fixture, and serve as the best view you can possibly get.

Fauna & Flora

Clumps of cacti can be found across the erg, which can be harvested for their wood and fluids. Fruits can also grow on certain varieties. Many are poisonous unless processed properly, but many others are edible right off the pod.   {detail some creatures here}

Natural Resources

Hiding in the sand are veins and deposits of various metals and materials, hunted by miners and scavengers alike. People collect it with large scoops connected to their {sand trucks}, and often sell it to industry brokers.   There are cactal forests here and there, with heavy roots that can survive in the sand. These cacti are useful for the plant itself, a sturdy wood used for all kinds of construction. They also contain vital fluids that can be converted into {coolant} and {coating}.   Any other natural resources you'd find on Unos are often more temperate, and can be found on various islands across the erg.
Alternative Name(s)
The Sands, The Desert, The Great
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