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The Union

"I swear, as a united land, to uphold the standards of diplomacy and patience, in lieu of conflict and irrationality."
- Part of the Membership Oath, taken by the leader of any new-member settlement.     The Union is the governing body of the known erg, created to end the {Hate Era} and settle differences without going to war over them. It's made up of dozens of settlements across the world, is helmed by a voted Committee and a designated Leader, and has stood for over 2,000 years. Members meet in a large colosseum on Cha Tesid every year to review the past year's events, vote on new laws and ordnances, and discuss important issues in the known world. They are the ultimate power, but strive to use that power to protect and to keep the peace.


The Union is headed by a Leader, various Committee members, and various lower echelons of public service.  

The Leader

The Leader of the Union serves as the "final voice" in any quarrels or decisions made. They are in charge of the major operations of the government, including organizing and hosting meetups and other events. They must have served in both the Committee and a local government for a specific period of time. The Leader may serve indefinitely, however most leaders are removed by vote after a certain age for one reason or another.  

The Committee

Committee members of the Union are voted representatives of every member-island. Each island may have one seat in the Committee. Committee members are the face of their nation within the Union, and cast votes, offer opinions and take part in events on their nation's behalf. Being a Union Committee member is a high honor for anyone.

Public Agenda

The Union exists for the sole purpose of bringing the various nations of the erg together and stop the constant, ceaseless wars that defined the Hate Era. Being a member of the Union isn't mandatory (as that would likely cause even more fighting), but highly encouraged.


Before the Union, the world was in a state of constant war. Dubbed the "Hate Era" by historians, the few hundred years leading to Founding Day were a dangerous time in the erg. Friendship was rare, while conflict was normal. When one war ended, another began. Even the larger islands got involved. It wasn't until near the end of the 38th century that Cha Tesid got a Mayor willing to put an end to the fighting.   Ferr Yasa-brood, one of few agamian Mayors of Cha Tesid, focused on building peaceful relations with the major powers of the world. He was treated with suspicion at first, but they eventually heard him out. A summit was held, and an agreement was reached. The Union was born during the next summit.


The Union itself technically holds no land, save for the United Colosseum located in Cha Tesid. However, with so many nations under its umbrella (including Cha Tesid as its capital), many tend to consider the Union the ruling body of Unos.


The United Corps are the Union's military force. They primarily exist as a peacekeeping force, as the Union exists to keep peace between island-nations themselves. Despite their anti-war stance, however, United soldiers are considered the most lethal and well-equipped fighters in the world. Their closest rival is the Tesid High Guard, who does indeed rival them well.   Membership in the Corps means membership in the Union as a representative. As such, soldiers are trained as diplomats as much as they're trained as killers, for the sake of keeping up appearances. A United soldier is just as capable of talking a gun out of your hand as they are of shooting it out.

Foreign Relations

There are many island nations that do not fall under Union jurisdiction, but none have the size or power that the Union expresses. This leaves the Union itself without equal on the geopolitical stage, however the Committee does its best to keep relations with every sizable nation it can. The most notable point of interest for United politicians is [Jerga's Lune], but only because it so often defies what the Union stands for.
Founding Date
Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
The Committee enacts laws and regulations, while the annual member's meeting is where laws and regulations are voted on.
Official Languages
Controlled Territories

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